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Sara Bareilles

An Example for Music Appreciation's "Artists Influence" Project

Elaine Cramer

on 11 May 2016

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Transcript of Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles
"LITTLE VOICE is a collection of songs that pretty much mean the world to me. They chronicle my life, my relationships, my basket-case-ness, and my utter devotion to trying to write honest stuff down and share it. That’s where the title comes from. This record was really about me learning to trust my own instincts, and more importantly, recognize how desperately I needed to learn to listen to myself, however inexperienced and naïve I may be. It sounds cliché, but that little voice is sometimes the only voice that’s speaking the truth. I think that’s pretty f***ing cool."
"[Kaleidoscope Heart] was exciting and felt completely right. We spent about 6 months making this record, and the record that came from it is exactly what I wanted. ... I took risks, and pushed myself both as a player and vocally, and I followed my gut wholeheartedly for the very first time. And I can’t wait to share it... I can’t wait to see how many times the word “Kaleidoscope” gets misspelled. I can’t wait to get on the ride again."
"Love Song" hit #1 on the Billboard Pop 100.
The impetus for "Love Song" came when Bareilles turned in a number of songs that "nobody liked" and, in turn, became angry and frustrated with Epic. The song's lyrics include: "I'm not gonna write you a love song / 'cause you asked for it / 'cause you need one, you see."

"It was just turning in material and having people not like it," Bareilles said. "It's the first time I'd really collaborated with people and gotten their feedback on my material. So I think I got very stubborn and turned off by the whole idea.

"Everyone seemed to really like the song," Bareilles said of her label's initial reaction. "I don't think they really knew that it was about my frustrations with the label, but everyone was really happy with having an upbeat song to add to the repertoire."
Youngest of 3 daughters.
Born Sara Beth Bareilles on December 7, 1979 in Eureka, California.
Singer-songwriter and pianist
Band Members:
Sara Bareilles - Lead Vocals, Piano
Javier Dunn - Guitar and Vocals
Daniel Rhine - Bass
Josh Day - Drums and Vocals
Dad Paul, Mom Bonnie, Older Sisters Jenny and Stacey
Was "borderline normal" in high school......
sang in
right field
a few times
Attended UCLA...
Member of the
a cappella group
and graduated in 2002 with a degree in Communications.
Worked at a petting zoo before deciding to pursue music.
An Introduction
An Ordinary Girl
Began her career singing in LA bars and clubs.
Recorded her first studio album, "Careful Confessions" in Jan. '04.
Signed a contract with Epic Records in 2005.
Released her debut major-label album, "Little Voice," in 2007.
1st single ever bought - Paul Simon's
"You Can Call Me Al"
Nominated for Grammy Awards 3 times...
Over 1 million records sold in the U.S. alone.
Appeared as a guest judge on NBC's "The Sing Off."
Has toured with Counting Crows, Maroon 5, and Sugarland.
Ranked #80 on the VH1 "Top 100 Greatest Women in Music" list.
Music has been featured in various movies and TV shows.......
Song of the Year
"Love Song"
2009 -
Best Female Pop Vocal Performance "Love Song"
2011 -
Best Female Pop Vocal Performance "King of Anything"
The Vampire Diaries - "Gravity"
Grey's Anatomy - "Winter Song."
Monster-in-Law - "Love on
the Rocks"
Glee -
"Love Song"
So You Think You Can Dance - "Gravity"
Dancing with the Stars -
"King of Anything"
Smallville - "Breathe Again"
Keeps a journal.
Likes to make lists.
Has a terrible sense of direction.
Sensitive (cries a lot!).
Scared of the ocean.
Lousy with grammar.
Admits she has a "potty-mouth."
Bareilles herself describes her style as "slightly edgy, stompy, piano-based pop rock" that incorporates jazz and soul."

She plays piano, guitar, ukelele, and harmonium.
"I have been influenced by many different artists at many different stages of my life. Starting out, it was people like Elton John, Billy Joel, Ben Folds, and Fiona Apple. As I got older I got deeper into the work of bands like the Beatles, artists like Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, Etta James, and Joni Mitchell. From there, I fell in love with Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Ryan Adams, Bjork, and Bob Dylan. As you can see, my influences are very wide and varied. There is room for everyone."
Uses Instagram / Facebook / Twitter
"This recording was a milestone for me, and a lesson in understanding the relationship between being in creative control and knowing exactly what you want. I was very humbled by my own lack of confidence and vision. It made me crave a better understanding of my own music, and what I love about the music from my favorite artists. It made me realize the role of a producer and my own capacity to fulfill that role. The whole experience was very powerful, and the final product is a tangible piece of my learning process. I'm nowhere near being finished. Now, I want to do it all over again."
Joni Mitchell
A Bit of Background
Born Roberta Joan Anderson on November 7, 1943 in Fort Macleod, Canada
Moved to the U.S. in the mid-1960's.
Recorded her first album in 1968.
15 more studio albums,
2 live albums, and
7 compilation albums.

Has since won 8 Grammy awards...
1969 -
Best Folk
Performance -
1995 - Best
Pop Album -
2002 -
Songs have been covered by many artists.....
Musical Elements:
- Instruments - acoustic guitar, drumset, triangle, backup singers
- Style - Folk rock
- Theme - sarcastic commentary on environmental concerns
- Vocal Range - uses quite a large range
- moderately high to almost as low as the female voice can go
- Phrases are relatively short, easy to get through in one breath.
- Harmony is pleasant sounding, pretty standard and repetitive.
Musical Elements:
- Instruments - piano, bass, electric guitar, drumset, background vocals(?)
- Style - jazz / pop rock
- Theme - sarcastic commentary on life after a fairytale "ending"
- Vocal Range - generally not to low or too high
- high notes at end of the bridge and last reprise of chorus
- Phrases are varied lengths, depending on what she is trying to say.
- Harmony is pleasant sounding, repetitive, voice adds color notes in bridge.
- Both make sarcastic commentary on topics that relate to society as a whole.
- ... although their views on these topics may cause some controversy.
- Both use drumset.
- Both have a "rock" type feel, Joni's is more folk-oriented and Sara's is more honky-tonk.
- Harmony is pretty basic and repetitive for both, although Sara takes a few more risks.

- Sara prefers piano to Joni's acoustic guitar. When Sara does use guitar, it is electric.
- Joni obviously used background vocals, Sara's are more subtle.
(Sara probably records her own voice for background vocals, Joni probably did not.)
- Joni's phrases are shorter. She just says her words faster.
Sara's phrases and speed of speech relate more to the meaning of the text.

I can see where Sara borrows from Joni particularly in the way the message is delivered and the overall musical style.
- Both use just piano accompaniment.
- Both sing with a lot of emotion.

- Sara's phrases are longer (she breathes a lot less than Joni).
- Joni sings some words really fast and holds others out,
while Sara is more moderate / splits the difference.
- Sara sings in a lower key than Joni.

Yes, it's the same song, but it's interesting how different their interpretations are. I see less similarities in style here than between the other two songs I chose!
What Do You Think??
The release of this EP is a love letter to my fans. Since I am taking some time away from touring and promotion, I wanted to have something as a place holder that still meant a lot to me. This is it. I am so humbled and inspired by the support of my fans on a daily basis, this felt like a good way for me to say thank you and hopefully express an inkling of the gratitude that keeps me searching for the next chapter as a songwriter and performer. With the encouragement and guidance of my amazing friend and producer, Ben Folds, I feel like we stretched the boundaries of myself as an artist, and created something that I am incredibly proud of. It's a reflection of the space between where I've been and where I will be. Hope you enjoy.
July 2013
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