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Developing and managing an advertising program

No description

Balachandar Kaliappan

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Developing and managing an advertising program

Developing and Managing an Advertising Program Mission Measurement Sales goals
Advertising objectives - Informative Advertising
Persuasive Advertising
Reminder Advertising
Reinforcement Advertising Factors to consider:
1) Stage in PLC
2) Market Share and Customer Base
3) Competition and Clutter
4) Advertising Frequency
5) Product Substitutability Money Message generation and evaluation

Creative development and execution
- Television ads
- Print ads
- Radio ads
- Film ads

Social Responsibility Review Developing the advertising Campaign Deciding on Reach, Frequency and Impact

Choosing among major media types
- Target audience media habits
- Product characteristics
- Message characteristics
- Cost
Place advertising - Billboards, Public Spaces
Product Placement
Point of Purchase Deciding on Media and Measuring Effectiveness Communication effect research - Copy testing

Sales effect research Selecting Specific Vehicle Ciruculation, Audience, Effective audience and Effective ad exposed audience Deciding on Media timing and Allocation Continuity, Concentration, Flighting and Pulsing
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