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A NaTion for a continent

No description

Mina Tassarotti

on 14 March 2016

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Transcript of A NaTion for a continent

1st January 1901
On the first day on the 20th century the former colonies ( now called states) joined together as the Commonwealth of Australia. All over Australia this momentous event was being celebrated. There were many picnics, parties, exhibitions and speeches by politicians. But what does Federation actually mean? The first prime minister, Edmund Barton described it as "A Nation for a Continent and a Continent for a Nation." On this particular day Australia became the first and only nation to cover an entire landmass. Its new identity as the Commonwealth of Australia meant that the people of Australia were linked together for their common wellbeing.
The End
The set of rules
A new constitution gave out rules about how the new system would work. The commonwealth government would look after problems that affected all of Australia such as immigration, defence and trade. The states would look after the public aid of citizens.
A Nation for a continent
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