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Cell Analogy-Human Body

A cell analogy of the human body and its organs and contents.

Megan Hulen

on 25 November 2012

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Transcript of Cell Analogy-Human Body

Nucleus A single human body A singles human body is like a nucleus because, out of a whole population, it controls itself. Nucleolus The brain The brain is like a nucleolus because it tells the whole cell, in this case a single body, what to do and when. Ribosomes Blood cells Th blood cells are like ribosomes, because they float freely, and are stuck to the outer edge or rough ER's. Cytoplasm Blood Blood that runs through veins is like cytoplasm, because it keeps the shape of the body, and keeps all the organs in place. Cell Membrane Flesh The flesh of a body is like a cell membrane because it keeps the body's shape. Vacuole Bones Bones are like vacuoles because they absorb calcium, and then the body, which is supported by the bones, grows bigger along with the bones. Cytoplasm Blood The blood flowing through a body is like cytoplasm because it keeps the shape of the body. Cellular Pores Fats Fats are like cellular pores
because they line the flesh. Golgi Body Stomach The stomach is like a golgi body because it creates feces and stomach acid (secretory vesicles and lysosomes). Lysosomes Stomach Acid The stomach acid is like lysosomes because it breaks down foods and makes it into energy. Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum Veins Veins are like smooth ER's, because they tansport things aroung the cell. Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum Veins w/ blood cells stuck on inner wall Veins with blood cells stuck to the inner edge are like rough ER's becuase it transports things around the cells, but has blood cells stuck to it. Mitochondria Food A food in someones stomach is like a mitochondria because it creates energy when broken down. Cytoskeleton Water Water is like a cytoskeleton because it mixes with the blood, and holds the shape and the organs in place. Cell Analogy-Human Body
By Megan Hulen
Period 1G
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