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Data and Analytics Playbook Key

Delivering actionable insights from disparate data

Jana Reddy

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of Data and Analytics Playbook Key

Data and Analytics Solution
The Key to Success
The Data and Analytics Continuum
Mindtree’s PoV
Data and Analytics Context for Hi-tech
Data Challenges & Our Offerings: Effectively managing data as an enterprise asset!
Client Challenges
Exploding and unknown sources of data
Structured and unstructured data
Lack of synergy across systems and platforms
How to sense and explore multi-channel data
Data stovepipes and interoperability
Governance of data
Consistency of data
Lineage & traceability of data

Data and Analytics Solutions - A good idea?
What Do I do Next?
Congratulations,You have met all of the requirements for dual enrollment!
After you have met with your high school counselor:

Applied to IRSC and assigned a student ID# (different from high school)
Create a dual enrollment schedule
Classes have met exempt status (classes have no balance due)
Assigned an IRSC student advisor.

Establish a
Student Success Plan
Not all Courses are Created Equal
Hundreds of courses are available for qualified registration, however, some courses are ineligible for dual enrollment. Speak with your advisor or see your Dual Enrollment/ Early Admissions Handbook.
What is
Career Pathways
Carer Pathways provides an opportunity for a
career academy completer
to obtain college credit towards an area of study. Credits earned could contribute to a technical certificate or Associate Degree. Refer to the Dual Enrollment Student Handbook or high school counselor.
Digital Marketing

Traffic Volume

New Competitive Threats

Continuous Product Innovation


More Tools for Success
A Multitude of Resources to Build a Better Student
Academic Support Center Lab
"ASC Lab"
Outside the Classroom
3 Rules for RealEstate
Main Campus in Fort Pierce (St. Lucie County), Library Building, 3rd Floor, L-212

Pruitt Campus in Port St. Lucie (St. Lucie County), J-212

Chastain Campus in Stuart (Martin County), C-109

Mueller Campus in Vero Beach (Indian River County), A-114

Dixon Hendry Campus in Okeechobee (Okeechobee County), B-130
What does the ASC Lab Provide?

Support in English, reading, math, science, and health science

Health Occupations:
Handouts, workshops, and tutoring for
pre-entrance exams

Free workshop sessions covering topics in English, reading, math, science, and health science

Review Sessions:
Tutor-guided review sessions designed to support student learning through unit and cumulative reviews in key, math, science, English, and reading

Computer-assisted instruction in reading, English, math, science, and health occupation courses and word processing, spread sheet, and data base

Special Needs Equipment:
JAWS (Job Access With Speech) program and Open Book computer reading machine for visually-impaired students
When Can I Go to Get Assistance?


Monday - Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Friday 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Saturday- Fall/Spring
Mueller Campus only
9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Sunday- Fall/Spring
Main Campus only
1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Summer I/Summer II
Monday - Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

ASC Learning Styles

Learning style is the distinct way a person approaches, processes, and remembers new and difficult information. Each person has a unique way of learning.
Knowing how you learn best may greatly increase your chances for academic success, increase your personal learning power, and unlock your true potential as a student.

The assessments measure and summarize the
Global/analytic processing preferences that a student has for learning.
Learning Styles Assessments
Two different types of Learning Style Assessments
are available in the
Career and Transitions Services Center
is the
Productivity Environmental Preference Survey
, the tool you will use to assess your personal learning style.

Building Excellence (BE) Survey
results in a comprehensive Learning and Productivity Style (LPS) Profile report.

You may take the BE free of charge at Student Success Services located at the Career & Transition Services in the W building. The days and times are:
Fall/Spring between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM on Monday through Friday.
Summer I&II between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM on Monday through Thursday.
Writing The Research Paper
Plagiarism is considered a serious offense and should be taken seriously.
The power of an integrated data and analytics Offering

Network Analytics, Operations & Performance Management

Where Can I find the ASC Lab?
IRSC’s QEP is an institution-wide initiative committed to improving student learning
and student success in Intermediate Algebra
(MAT 1033)
Data analytics software market is a fast growing market
Analytics & Business Intelligence has become #1 priority for CIOs around the world

Facts about Data
Connecting the dots… integrated data platforms are proving to be of significant value as an enterprise wide data asset

Data outside the enterprise firewalls are becoming a significant source to create differentiations

Data models are increasingly becoming complex and difficult to comprehend

An effective data management and governance process including data quality assurance ensures the enterprise data asset is trustworthy and sustainable

Big data technologies are delivering much more than “lower TCO” options and taking a center stage in CIO agenda providing competitive advantage

Deriving actionable insights from disparate data is becoming the norm

Analytics tops CxO charts…There is a surge in the use of predictive analytics and a shift toward data-driven insights
The extensive use of data, statistical and quantitative analysis, explanatory and predictive models and fact-based management to drive decisions & actions.
Functional analytics offerings and implementations are redefining business strategies
Convergence of Digital, Data & Analytics are significantly bridging the gaps between “consumer behaviors” and “products & services”
Analytics, statistics, and fact-based decisions are not new to businesses…DSS, BI, etc were important and provided value, but too often marginal to the mainstream of the business
Data Discovery and Visual Analytics are proving to be significant enablers for business users to generate and test business hypothesis at will
Roles like Chief Insight Officer and Chief Data Officer are increasingly become a norm in the enterprise transformation and growth objectives.
Managing Data
EDM, DI, MDM, DW, Big Data

Business Intelligence
Descriptive Analytics

Insight Generation
Predictive Analytics

Decision Science

The power of an integrated data and analytics framework adds values to the Enterprise

What are our offerings?
How do we tackle client challenges in house?

Our Functional Offerings
Customer 360 Degree view, Customer Insight Data Model
Master Data Management & Data Quality Services
Data Architecture Services
Data Integration Services
Big Data Services
Data Governance

Our Assets & Accelerators
Technology Starter Kits
Data Flow Assessment Accelerator
DW / BI Diagnostics & Assessment Methodology
Data Management Toolkit (DQ Framework & Rule Book, RUBIC MDM Framework, Data Governance Framework)
ETL Test Data Generator
Generic Fact & Dimension Loaders
Data Architecture Framework

BI Challenges & Our Offerings
Client Challenges
Information sources in different locations require a major effort to consolidate them into a coherent business story
Traditional BI tools often lack the flexibility to “process up” data into  metrics needed to evaluate the business
Significant effort is required to move the data into Management reports in Microsoft Office
Much of the valuable BI data is managed in disconnected solutions making it difficult to rapidly answer ad hoc business questions
The existing BI/reporting system is not scalable and not sufficient to meet our future data and analytics needs

Our Functional Offerings
Enterprise Data Warehouse Services
Industry specific Point Solutions & KPI Library
BI Reporting & Analysis Services
Business Led BI and Performance Management
Mobile BI Services
Report Rationalization Services
BI Competency Centers / BI Factory

Our Assets & Accelerators
IG Specific KPI library
Performance Management Framework
Geo-Spatial Reporting Framework

Analytics Challenges & Offerings
Client Challenges
Formulating the right set of business questions
Identifying the right analytics techniques
Developing advanced analytics capabilities
Building the right analytic talent, skills and acumen
Creating the right capabilities to rapidly deliver insights
Aligning analytics initiatives to business issues so insights are relevant and drive outcomes
Separating the signal from the noise to identify the insights that matter
Visualizing and consuming insights

Our Functional Offerings
Customer Insight
Customer Experience Management
Sales & Marketing Analytics
Churn Mgmt. Analytics
Operations Analytics
Portfolio Value Analytics*
Fraud & Compliance Analytics*
Social Media Analytics*

Our Assets & Accelerators
Analytics Diagnostics
Customer Insights & Customer Value Management Blueprint
Custer Service Management Framework
TPA Framework

Actionable Outcomes Challenges & Our Offerings: Executing the insights and integrating those into the processes
Client Challenges
Making the insights actionable by embedding analytic insights into key decisions and processes
Scaling analytics capabilities to rapidly generate and deliver insights
Ensuring that insights are converted into consumable outcomes

Our Functional Offerings

Pricing Optimizations*
After Sales Analytics*
Customer Insights Driven Optimization*

Our Assets & Accelerators
Change Management Framework
Analytics as a service framework*
Analytics Culture Assessment*

DAS CoEs in the Spotlight
Our Key Enablers

Big Data Analytics Academy
DAS Innovation Lab
DAS is investing on setting up a state of the art DAS Innovation Lab to focus on developing deep technology expertise, build accelerators, frameworks and assets to bring the best innovations
and solutions to our clients.

DAS is investing on Big Data Analytics Academy to focus on emerging technologies
and collaborate with alliance partners, academia and startups to bring the best innovations and solutions to our clients.

DAS Plan – FY 14-15
Strengthening Pre Sales Team at Offshore and Onsite
1 US DAS Presales Lead (East Coast), 1 US DAS Presales (West Coast), 1 APAC/India Presales Lead
Launch New Service Offerings
Data Discovery & Visual Analytics, Customer & Marketing Analytics
Interlock with IGs to develop “Vertical Offerings”
Launch Big Data & Analytics Academy
Establish DAS Innovation Lab
Launch “Zero Surprise Delivery” Program
Build a pool of Architects/SME’s
20+ High End Data Architects, BI PMs, SMEs
Focus on COE’s across the Data & Analytics landscape
7 CoEs established and already engaged with community, vendors and clients
Initiate strategic alliance relationships with vendors

Constantly Evolving

Extract data & analytics to monitor networks for security intrusion and attack detection, intelligence-gathering, application performance management and a wide range of other applications

Get deep understanding of traffic trends and patterns and facilitate informed decisions about traffic planning and network optimization

Accurately identify at-risk customers to prevent defection, and identify high value prospects for targeted sales efforts
Mindtree Positioning: Hi-tech offerings focus on each lever of value creation
Monetization & Real-time data analyzing capabilities are the primary growth drivers for Web Industry
Web Industry Illustrative

Our Go-To-Market Approach
Analytics Strategy & Diagnostic
Capability Diagnostic
Roadmap/Proof of Concept
Operating Model
Functional Analytics (including
Advanced/Predictive Analytics)
BI and Reporting
Visual Insights Generation
BI as-a-Service
Data Management & BI Solutions
Data Management & Architecture
Big Data Strategy
Data Integration / Harmonization
Data Management
BI Factory
Analytics Factory
Data & Analytics as a Service
AD and AMS

What we sell?
Looking for the Key to Trasform you Business??
Look outside the Box! For the bigger and better Solution!!
Information Technology’s role in Marketing
Effective marketing is about getting the relevant message in front of the right potential consumers in an appealing way leading to a positive purchase decision.
This requires the use of various information technology practices like analyzing the sales data, studying the consumer perception, maintaining touch points with consumers and seeking their active feedback.
From being just an aide for marketing, information technology has become an ingrained part in modern marketing jobs.

Drivers that have lead to the IT-Marketing Synergy
Massive Data Deluge
– Heaps of sales data that have been generated so far and digital touch points that add to the data deluge

Impact of Social Media
– Big data that is generated every second that can be used to study and predict trends in purchase

Emergence of the Digital Marketing Platform
– A whole new platform that has changed the concept of advertising by leaps and bounds

Increase in the number of mobile phones
– Provides increased connectivity and a platform for personalized and targeted campaigns

Chief Marketing Technologist
Chief Information Officer

Chief Marketing Officer

Increase Enterprise Growth
Reduce Enterprise Costs
Deliver Operational Results
Strengthen Customer Relationships

Improve Marketing Efficiencies
Prove Marketing Effectiveness
Integrate Cross-Channel Marketing
Remove Data Silos

The marketing department is turning into a technology purchasing department which is drastically transforming the role of CMO into a technologist.
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