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Tech prezi

No description

andrew nelson

on 5 February 2015

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Transcript of Tech prezi

Choose your template
First press create new prezi and then you can choose a template. Click the template that you want and it will get a border of blue. Then press Use template.
Frames are the squares, circles, and rectangles.
They are like the slides.
How to insert pics, words, and other things into frames.
If you want to insert something into a frame click on the frame you want to insert it in the press zoom to frame. Then if you want to add words just click where you want the words and then start typing. Pictures and other things: You need to press insert at the top then choose what you want to insert. Then type in what you want to search.
How to sign up
1. First you choose what pricing you want.
2. Next you put your name, email, and the password that you want then press create.
Hello teachers of MCS, we were assigned a tech project by our teachers. We were supposed to find out how to use the web based tool and then teach you teachers about it. We were assigned Prezi!!! Prezi is a web site where you can create documents that are like power point presentations. We hope you like our presentation.
This is not
the exact
How to change fonts and
to the text. If you want to change the font just press the small a at the top but if you want to make it bigger press the big A. If you want to change the color just press the box with a color in it and a arrow pointing down.
How to insert extra frames.

First you scroll to the top and press the rectangle frame or whatever shape it is then it will appear on the screen and then you can change the size of it or change the shape.
Thank you for watching and your time, hope you enjoyed it and learned something about

Have you ever had trouble with power point?
Well there is a faster and easier way, Prezi!!!
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