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Letters Home From Yosemite

Reading Street 4.1.5

Amelia Baez

on 23 September 2012

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Transcript of Letters Home From Yosemite

By Lisa Halvorsen Letters Home from Yosemite Genre Narrative Nonfiction Tells the story of real people, places, or events. Information is given in sequence. Author's Purpose To inform the reader about the many different things at Yosemite. Arrival in San Francisco Vocabulary scenery incredible formations efforts wilderness-a wild region with no people or a place in its natural state established Identify an opinion in the first paragraph. How do you know that this story happened in recent times? Topography Vocabulary convince topography supposedly naturalist- a person who studies living things What is the main idea of paragraph 2? (question for Miss B.) Which detail supports that Yosemite is located in a unique place? preserve-protect, save from harm What is the main idea of paragraph 3? a. Yosemite Valley's name means "Place of the Gaping Mouth." b. Native Americans lived in Yosemite long ago. c. Explorers visited Yosemite in the 1830s and 1840s Which sentence on page 119 shows that the author is telling us a story that happened to him? Badger Pass Vocabulary tourists designated glimpse How was travel to Badger Pass different in 1855 than it is today? How is visiting Yosemite different today than in the pass? What is the main idea of page 120? What are some details that support that Yosemite is a popular place to visit? wilderness-a wild region with no people or a place in its natural state scenic entrance Yosemite Valley Vocabulary services heavily visited natural attractions Which statement in this passage is an opinion? Badger Pass Vocabulary Impressive-able to impress on the mind, amazing Identify one opinion . What is the main idea of paragraph 1? What is the main idea of paragraph 2? Giant Sequoias Vocabulary enormous Why do you think the author included the names of a few giant sequoias? species- a type of living thing slopes- the side of a hill or mountain Main Idea Can grow to be 300 feet tall Can grow to be 40 feet around Can live more than 3000 years Oldest tree in park is 2,700 years old Names talk about how big they are You can walk through some sequoias. Giant sequoias are one of the largest and longest living species of trees in the world. Yosemite Wildlife Vocabulary grazed aggressive meadows Which detail supports the main idea that visitors must be careful around the animals in Yosemite? successfully reintroduced approached endangered swooping glacier-a large sheet of ice Strong sense of smell Can weigh 500 pounds Mule deer are just as aggressive as bears. Will break into a car or tent to get food Between 300 and 500 bears in the park Can run up to 35 miles per hour and jump 35 feet in a single leap. Yosemite wildlife can be dangerous. Glacier Point Vocabulary reflected ledges Identify two facts in the first paragraph. Identify two opinions in the first paragraph. El Capitan Vocabulary scale plunges continent Which attraction did the author go to see immediately after visiting Glacier Point? Look at the picture of El Capitan. What kind of person would climb that rock? Why did the author include that picture? Yosemite Falls Vocabulary sections trickle What does the author mean by "all together" Yosemite Falls are the highest in North America? What causes more water to go over the falls in spring and early summer? Lyell Vocabulary clings peaks How are the rivers and streams of Lyell different today than they were in the past? How do you know that a contrast is being made? Tioga Pass Why do the trees at Tioga Pass stay so small? rank reservoir yield Main Idea 9,445 feet above sea level Highest highway pass in all of California Different plants grow here than on the ground Trees are small and stunted Tioga Pass is unique because it is so high. Main Idea Mount Lyell's glacier feeds a popular river. It is a popular place to visit. The height of Tioga Pass makes it very unique. There are many impressive waterfalls. Many people visit Yosemite to see the unique scenery and wildlife. The wildlife is diverse, and it can be dangerous. El Capitan is a giant, climable rock. Glacier point is extremely tall. Yosemite Falls are tall and ever changing. It is unique because it is located in the Sierra Mountains. The giant sequoias are some of the biggest and oldest trees in the world.
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