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Three Principles of Deep and Lasting Learning

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Nicole Kohr

on 1 September 2016

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Transcript of Three Principles of Deep and Lasting Learning

Prior Learning
- Taking what you know and applying it to new ideas
- Have to have strong neural networks
-Not having past learning to connected to the futrue learning is why students struggle in college
-Must learn the foundamentals before the new learning will sink in
Quantity of Processing
- The quality is also affected by the time you put into studying
- The most effective approach is Distributed Practive
- Night before cram sessions are not the way to go
-Studying has to be over periods of time
-Also have to make sure you study for long enough (at least 2 hours of studying for every hour of class
Quality of Processing
- Stuff like math formulas or anatomy can just be memorized
-For most things in college you can't just memorize them
- You have to do what is called a Deep Processing which is truly understanding what you are studying
Three Principles of Deep and Lasting Learning
Study Skills and Note Taking
- Brain takes in a lot between sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch
-Learning needs to be more conscious
- Make sure to read the textbook
- Be in class
- Things need to be processed and organized
- Must organized information
- Needs to be in a way that helps to learn it
- Making sense and organizing what you learned is an important skill to learn for studying
-Another word for this would be practice
- Trying to form strong neural networks
-Practicing can help for a test as well as furture career
- An example of this would be doing 10 math problems outside of class
- Getting feedback is important for us as students to learn
- Getting feedback helps us know what we need to learn
- Feedback also helps us to see what we are doing right
Core Learning
Before Taking Notes
- Stay positive about taking notes
- Make sure you have the right supplies
- Make sure to do the homework before class to help with the notes in class
- Look at notes from previous class
- Prepare some questions
- Eliminate distractions
- Arrive early and get a good seat
- Be organized
After Taking Notes
- Polish up notes
- Finish partial sentences
- Expand on key words
- Correct misspellings
- Compare Notes
While Taking Notes
- Listen Actively
- Ask and answer questions
- Listen to verbal cues
- Take notes on discussion
-Stay focused
Note Taking
Video on Note Taking
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