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Depression Final Presentation

By Kate, Armani, Charlotte and Anika

Kate Filippelis

on 3 December 2010

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Transcript of Depression Final Presentation

Depression By Kate, Armani, Charlotte and Anika What is Depression Depression is more than just an unhappy mood it's a serious illness While we all feel sad, moody or low from time to time... People with depression experience this feelings intensely, for long periods of time and often without reason. Who can it Affect Depression
can affect
anyone, Depression doesn't just affect the person who is depressed but also affects Friends, family, and others who care about the person. . For example, women are affected about twice as often men. The mid- 30s is the average age for developing depression, People of any age can become depressed. There are many Different types of depression that often have slightly different symptoms and may require different treatments. The five main types of depression are:
The Different Types of Depression
• Major depression – Major depression is when someone is in a depressed mood that lasts for at least two weeks. •Psychotic depression - Psychotic depression is when someone is in a depressed mood which includes symptoms of psychosis. Psychosis involves seeing or hearing things that are not there (hallucinations), feeling everyone is against you (paranoia) and having delusions.

•Dysthymia –Dysthymia depression occurs when people have depressed mood that lasts for years.

•Mixed depression and anxiety - a combination of symptoms of depression and anxiety.

•Bipolar disorder - (formerly known as manic depressive illness) - involves periods of feeling low (depressed) and high (manic). Is Depression Common YES Depression is Very common. Around one million Australian adults and 100,000 young people live with depression each year. one in five females and one in eight males will experience depresssion through their life time NO What causes Depression Sometimes depression may have no apparent cause and sometimes it may be caused by a number of factors (by themselves or in combination), such as: o Genetics or a history of depression within your family. o Stressful event or chain of events such as a family break-up, abuse, ongoing bullying at school, rape, a death, a relationship break up, family conflict. oPersonality style - Certain personality types are more at risk of depression than others. This includes people who tend to be anxious, have low self-esteem or who are extremely shy.
oHaving a baby- this may cause post-natal depression. Symptoms of Depression
People experience depression in different ways, common symptoms across all types of depression include: MOOD THINKING BEHAVIOUR PHYSICAL o sad, moody
o feeling hopeless
o feeling numb
o feeling anxious
o feeling guilty o overly self-critical
o believing you can't cope
o difficulty making decisions
o poor concentration
o thinking about suicide o lack of motivation and energy
o crying
o losing interest in activities you usually enjoy
o withdrawing from your friends and family
o increased use of alcohol or other drugs and losing
your temper o loss of appetite or over-eating
o changes in sleep patterns
o headaches or stomach aches or feeling sick Beyond Blue http://www.beyondblue.org.au/index.aspx?link_id=2.19 sorry you a wrong What can depression lead to People who are extremely depressed and who may be thinking about hurting themselves need help as soon as possible. Genetics stressful event Personality Style Personality style having a baby yes you are correct Beyond Blue is the nation’s depression initiative that was establish in October 2000. Beyond blue aims to provide clear and comprehensive information about depression.

Beyond Blue was made to help support people with depression and now as it is currently the highest medical cause of disability. Beyond blue encourages you to get involve and there is many things you can do to support the people out there such as:
o Fundraising money
o Volunteering to help
o Donations
o Write a Bequest On average, one in six people will experience depression in their lifetime Depression can lead to people doing things they don’t want to do which may include:
o suicide
o hurting someone else
o doing unsual or unsafe things
o drinking or dangerous driving Depression can lead to many unsafe and irresponsible things, that is why if someone is depressed they must go see help as soon as the symptoms appear
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