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btt- Virtual Vacation

travel journal

Amy Ji

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of btt- Virtual Vacation

G' Day! Australia! Melissa Leung and Amy Ji Travel Plan We are going to Australia in spring! The average temperature ranges from 13°C at night to 22°C in the day. The weather is cool but is usually very pleasant and sunny. Departure date: Sep. 1 First Stop: Brisbane Secone Stop: Sydney Last Stop: Melborne Toronto Dallas Australia Departure Time: 6:10 pm, Sep 1 Airport: Toronto Pearson International Airport Airline: American Arriving time: 8:40 pm, Sep 1 Destination: Dallas 1h 15m layover in Dallas Destination: Brisbane Departure TIme: 9:55 pm, Sep 1 Airline: Qantas Arriving Time: 5:00 am, Sep. 2 We will leave for Sydney by air at 13:00 pm on sep 3. Cost from Toronto to Brisbane: CAD$ 1,973 Cost from Brisbane to Sydney : $249.00 We will drive from Sydney to Melborne on sep 4th. Back to Toronto Departure time: 8:30 PM, Sep 6 Arriving time: 5:30 PM, Sep 7 cost: $2,229 Airline: Qantas From Melbourne to Toronto Transportation Hotels!! Novotel Brisbane Airport
-Superior/ Double Room
-$366.99 CAD
-there's a pool, a gym and a sauna
-stay for one night Shangri-la Hotel Sydney
-Deluxe opera house view king
-spa, swimming pool, free wireless internet
- within 500m of ferries, buses, and shopping
-CAD $344
-one night stay The Langham Melbourne
-CAD $490.02
-double bed with Club Lounge and River View access
-Spa, Steam room, sauna, massages, beauty treatments, swimming pool, and fitness centre
-two nights stay Sight-seeing!! Brisbane Warner Bros Movie World Brisbane Australia Zoo Sydney Sydney Tower Sydney Harbour Bridge Melbourne National Gallery of Victoria Great Ocean Road -Gold Coast
- opened June 1991
-Australia's only movie-related park
-rides, shows, exhibits, and even costume performers Movie World Home of the Crocodile Hunter -the Crocoseum made by Steven
Irwin -Shopping on its base -diner on the top -2nd tallest -"Coat hanger" - Sydney harboour Bridge Climb Sydney Opera House -many art performances
-over 7 million visiters - largest and oldest art museum in Australia
- wide range of art
- National Gallery of Victoria Art School -built by WWI returning soldiers
-Twelve Apostles Language Australia's national language is English. However there are many slang. Useful Slang to know: Hang on a Tick: Wait a minute
Cheerio: Bye
G'Day: Hello
Dunny: Toilet
Burl: try; give it a burl
Brekkie: Breakfast
Arvo: Afternoon
Aussie: Australian
Ay: Pardon me
Bonzer/Ripper: Great
Docket: Receipt or bill
Brass: Money
Jiffy: fast, short
Iffy: risky or suspicious
Tucker: Food
Oz: Australia
Tea: dinner or evening meal
Pub : Hotel Shopping in Australia Cane toad Purse Australian Cork Hat Australian Boomerangs Koala pencil case Kangaroo toy Food!! Kangaroo Meat Peach Melba Anzac Biscuits Australian Meat Pie Pavlova http://www.google.ca/flights
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Brisbane_CBDandSB.jpg Bibliography We are at the
Sydney tower!
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