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Productive Group Work

No description

Brian Unruh

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Productive Group Work

Positive Interdependence
Face-to-Face Interaction
Individual and Group Accountability
Building Interpersonal and Small Group Skills
Incorporating Group Processing
Providing a Meaningful Task
Interdependence can be accomplished in 4 ways
3 instructional routines that promote and foster positive interdependence
Different Experiences
Jigsaw Approach
Student-led recipricol teaching
3 instructional routines that promote and foster productive interaction in student group work
Partner Discussion
Role Play & Simulations
Guidelines for ensuring accountability in group work
4 instructional routines that provide individual and group accountability
Numbered heads together
Collaboratively constructed products
Progressive writing
Writing frames
There are several routines for helping students gain competence in small-group interactions, from communicating clearly, to listening and responding, to one another, to taking on different perspectives
Thinking and communicating with clarity
Active listening
Responding to Peers
Considering different perspectives
routines to help group members process their experiences
Self-monitoring questionnaires
Learning logs
Roundtable Activities
Connections between Technology Research, Characteristics of Effective Instruction, and the ICC's Technology Literacy Skills, yielded...
collaboration & Communication
project based learning
information literacy
Go to...
log in as a student using the code...
How do we create SOME learning opportunities that let students take the ball and run with it?
What does that structure look like?
What does today look like?
Collaboration Strategies
Collaboration Tools & Resources
Time to Explore
Technology Professional Development for Year 3
Evaluation & Feedback
Time to Explore
Google Apps & Intel Online Tools / Edmodo & Wikispaces
•Have you done something like this before? Did it work or not?
•Could you see doing something like this and what part made the most sense for you and your students?
•Is it doable?
•What technology connections make sense with these strategies?
Questions to Discuss
Technology PD Conversation
Connentions between the tools and collaboration
Where are the conversations within the district?
You will be making a plan this summer for Year 3. What concerns or barriers do you have in completing this?
What learnings do you need from me between now and the end of our 2 days this summer?
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