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07.06 Genocide: Assessment

No description

Amber Abdo

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of 07.06 Genocide: Assessment

To prevent genocides like this from happening, people need to be aware and be involved in the community. People should treat everyone, no matter the religion or race, as an equal individual. It would also be a good idea to enforce rules that punish people (without violence/death) if they commit horrible acts. CALL TO ACTION! The "Night and Fog" Decree stated that people would be captured and up for trial if they had intentions of undermining the German troops. If they were suspected of helping Jews, they were sentenced to death. The impacts of the Holocaust were tragic. Approximately 11 million people who were considered Jews, slaves, or prisoners were classified as victims and killed during the Holocaust. This caused the Jewish population to decrease significantly. After the Holocaust, a lot of Jews suffered from loss of identity. The Holocaust still haunts people who witnessed and, miraculously, managed to survive. Impact This is the German leader widely known as Adolf Hitler. When the Holocaust took place, he was the commander in chief. During that time, he was responsible for many deaths, including those of Jews, homosexuals, etc. This is the sorting of shoes from the victims in Auschwitz. The victims were forced to give up their personal belongings, including their shoes, to have them sent to Germany. The Gestapo was a Nazi police force that was under Hitler's rule. They would take Jews to concentration camps where they were brutally tortured. Many victims died in concentration camps, whether it was due to beatings, shootings, or starvation. When they were deceased, they would be piled up on other lifeless bodies. 07.06 Genocide: Assessment Holocaust Multimedia Presentation
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