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An overview of appositives and the rules for using them

Mara Schultz

on 22 August 2011

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Transcript of Appositives

A noun or noun phrase that adds detail to the proceeding noun or pronoun The shark swam near the surface. A ruthless killer
A predator seeking blood
A dangerous maneater Examples: The shark, a predator seeking blood, swam near the surface. A sentence without an appositive: Boring, zzzzz... Exciting! Woo hoo! Appositives To add an appositive, brainstorm some nouns and modifiers to help describe the subject in the sentence. Now, add the appositive to the sentence to make it more descriptive. ? But don't I need some punctuation with
the appositive? When you are adding information to a sentence using an appositive, you need to add commas on either side of the appositive. Think of the commas as basket handles that can lift and lower the phrase in and out of the sentence. , , A correctly punctuated
sentence with an appositive: More practice... The cookies were sitting
on the table. How can I add more detail
to this sentence? Let's use an appositive! The cookies, , were sitting on the table.
a delectable treat
morsels of delight
Any more ideas? Now we can choose one of these noun phrases
to add to the sentence and surround it with our
basket handles, or commas, and we have a more
descriptive sentence! The coookies, morsels of delight, were
sitting on the table. Now, think of all of the different
roles you play in your life and create
a sentence about yourself using an appositive. For example:
Mrs. Schultz, an appositive expert, has taught
how to add more description to our sentences. Your turn... S sentence Structure
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