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How to become a NINJA

For all you pirates who envy ninjas, here's your chance to learn how to become a ninja.

Chelsey Rivera-Kowalski

on 19 October 2011

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Transcript of How to become a NINJA

NINJAs can't be asthmatic For all you pirates who envy ninjas, heres your chance to become a NINJA! How to become a NINJA Get really cool weapons. Have a cool secret name Get a ninja costume to stay disguised Take karate and kung fu classes Know how to escape Get and maintain a ninja body Think about who your enemies are and where you could disguise yourself in order to obtain undercover information Become a master at trickery Practice jumping over moving vehicles (without dying). Make a name so no one knows who you are. Your identity must remain a secret. An asthmatic ninja would give up their location. People would hear them wheeze. Your ninja costume should be all black to be invisible in the dark. It also should cover your face This will help you chop things in half and become fast and sneaky If you can jump over a moving vehicle, you can jump over anything "What was that? Wh-who's there?"
Yes, trickery. The enemy will never know what hit them. If you get captured, you need to get out. Make exteme obstacle courses and make your way out. Weapons are part of being a ninja. You need really cool samurai swords and nunchucks. Be careful. Find a disguise that will work against the enemy. Be careful and don't get caught. Excercise everyday. Stay fit and active. IF MY NINJA ADVICE ENDS UP WITH YOU BECOMING CRIPPLED, SEE ROBBIE'S "HOW TO BECOME A FIRETRUCK" PREZI.
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