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How do earthquakes change the land and form new things.

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Sarah Miller

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of How do earthquakes change the land and form new things.

How do earthquakes change the land and form new things?
By: Abby M, Austin, Luka, Braden
What do earthquakes do to the land? AH
More than just buildings collapse during an earthquake. The land changes to! Roads often change their placement, they become uneven or they crack. Streams can change course and big rocks can stop the flow of water. Sometimes land is lowered. When it is lowered water can go in a different direction and even flood the land.
What do earthquakes do to people? LK
Earthquakes kill many people, and harm people to. They also destroy their homes and shut off electricity. In some places people wear masks so they don't breath in dust and bad germs.
What things do earthquakes cause? BT
Earthquakes can cause tsunami's or huge waves. Earthquakes also make landslides, mudslides, bigger earthquakes, after shocks, and floods. All of these destructions destroy buildings and change the look of the land. More than just one type of destruction can happen from an earthquake.
Other BT
*Over a million earthquakes happen each year.
*Some schools have earthquake drills.
Credits AM
*Google Safe Search
*Earthquake Books
*Google Pictures
*YouTube (For Video)
How do earthquakes happen? AM
There are 20 plates along earth's surface that keep moving very slowly. When the plates squeeze or stretch huge rocks form on the edges and form an earthquake. Think of it like this: You are holding a pencil, if you were to apply force to both ends of the pencil by pushing the edges down, you will see the pencil bend. After a while the pencil will break. The earth's surface acts the same way. This causes an earthquake.
Seismometer LK
Seismometers is a way to measure earthquakes.
Thanks for watching!!!
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