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The Moon

No description

rebecka featherston

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of The Moon

Foundation Drive Phase 1 Phase 2 Results Core The Moon
http://solarsystem.nasa.gov/ hhtp://nineplanets.org The distance of earth to travel to the moon is 238,857. It takes to travel to the moon is 1 year
and 621 days. The temperture on the moon can reach 253 degrees. The "dark side of the moon" can have temperatures dipping to minus (minus 153 C). The Moon's atmosphere is
mad up of....
29% neon 25.8%
helium 22.6% hydrogen 20.6% argon
he rest is mall amounts of other gases. http://www.enchantedlearing.com/subjects/astronomylplanets http:www..thrall.org/readyref/space_exploration.html by Rebecka Featherston
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