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Empowerment of Women;

No description

Leslie Blanca

on 8 October 2015

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Transcript of Empowerment of Women;

Women Empowerment
Women Empowerment;
refers to increasing the spiritual, political, social or economic strength of the women and communities surrounding her. It often involves the empowered developing confidence in their own capacities.
Do what makes you feel beautiful <3

Do what makes you beautiful video: www.youtube.com/cnnbuzzfeed
Definition of Women Empowerment: http://www.selfgrowth.com/articles/Articles_Women_Empowerment.html
Rosey the Riveter makeup background: http://criticaltheoryclass.blogspot.com/2015/03/semiotic-analysis-of-red-lipstick.html
Info over Feminst Artist Cheryl Braganza : http://mic.com/articles/103560/4-empowering-artists-that-are-starting-a-new-chapter-in-feminist-art

Cheryl Barganza
Canadian Femenist artist uses her work to show that women around the world can be very powerful.

Uses an uplifting tone of empowerment through all of her work.

“Art is about opening people's hearts and minds to a better understanding of what it means to be human, what it means to be a woman.” -Cheryl Barganza
The power of Makeup

The Moral Communites Project
Makeup has always been around and usually you recognize it by the age of 3.

"makeup has not been a shadow to hide behind, but rather a scaffold to self-empowerment."

Emotional Benefits
positive psycological benefits
Boost Confidence
Makeup Artisit Opinions
Scott Barnes "Looking your best leads you to feeling your best, and self confidence leads to succedding in life and earning respect
Mally Roncal: “empowers a woman to present herself in exactly the way she chooses.”
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