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Why Cell-Phones Shouldn't Be Allowed In School

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Nintendo D.S.

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of Why Cell-Phones Shouldn't Be Allowed In School

Why Cell-Phones Shouldn't Be Allowed In School! Introduction
Cell phones these days aren't only used as phones. Distractions
Cell phones can distract students from learning because cell phones now have new gadgets that students can play with. Also, the sounds are very distracting to others around the cell phone user. Lost or stolen
If students have cell phones in class then they can be more easily lost or stolen. Also if a student has a better phone then it would be more likely to be stolen. Invading Privacy
Cell phones can invade the privacy of other people. For example, a student might take a picture of someone without permission and post it online. Inappropriate Times of Usage
Students may use a phone when it is not appropriate. For example they might have a calculator on their phone and use it when they aren't allowed to. Cheating
If students have a cell phone they could be secretly using it on tests and/or quizzes. For example, they could be texting another friend for help or they could be searching up the answers on their phone in the middle of a test or quiz. Bad Habits
Students may rely on auto-spell-check to complete there work since it is done automatically which won't prepare them for the real world where they won't be able to use spell check in real life. In Conclusion, this is...
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