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the sentence part 2

honors L A lesson

Shrina Patel

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of the sentence part 2

Shrina Patel & Erin Klopfenstein This project was done by..... The sentence part 2 There
are 4 different
types of sentences. The first type of
sentence is called a
declarative sentence A declarative sentence makes a statement. A declarative sentence always ends with a period Stacy is a tall blonde haired blue
eyed teenager. EX 1 EX 2 Lucas is participating in a
variety of sports but his
favorite is ice hockey. We use declarative
sentences everyday. The second
type of sentence
is an imperative
sentence A imperative sentence gives a command or makes a request most imperative sentences usually end with a period. A strong command will end with an exclamation point. Ex 1 Don't interrupt when other people are talking. { command} EX 2 Please help me make this cake for the party. { request} EX 3 Go to your room this instance! { strong command } When I think of imperative sentences
I think of my mom telling me to clean my room. The third type of sentence is an
interrogative sentence. An interrogative asks a question ends with a ? mark. Ex 1 Did you steal my shoes? EX 2 Where were you last night during
dinnertime? ? The fourth type of sentence is an exclamatory. An exclamatory sentence expresses strong feeling or excitement, they usually end with exclamation points. I can't believe Suzy won her tennis tournament! EX 1 EX 2 I'm so excited to get my braces off! ! Here's a video that might helps you remember the different types of sentences Exercise 13 page 330-331 Label the different types of sentences written below. 1. Will your grandfather compete in the Kansas City Marathon? 2. Our school's project, cleaning up the Silver River was a success. 3. Bring more sandbags over here. Finish the rest of the exercise by looking in your book! Compound
Subjects and
Verbs A compound subject consists of two or more
that are joined by a
conjunction and they the
same verb. The conjunctions that are most commonly
used are and & or. Here is a video on
conjunctions. Example for compound subjects. Paris and London remain favorite tourist attractions. The two parts of the compound subject
which is Paris and London share the same
which is {remain}. Identify the compound sentences that are written below 1.The national parks and monuments of the United States
include many of the world's most spectacular landforms. 2. The Grand Canyon and the waterfalls of Yosemite are examples of landforms shaped by erosion. 3. Water, wind, and other natural are continuing the age old erosion of landforms. Writing Compound Subject Add a compound subject to the predicates that are given to you at the bottom. EX 1. - _____ were at the bottom of my locker. My bus pass and a pair of gym socks were at the bottom of my locker. 1. Yesterday ______ arrived in the mail 2. _____ make loyal pets. 3. On the beach ______ spotted a
dolphin. Compound Verb consists of two or more verbs that are joined by a
conjunctions and that have same subject. EX 1. The team played well but lost the game anyway. the compound verb {played, lost} Here are a few more examples to help you guys understand it more. The rain has fallen for days and is still falling.
identify the conjunction and the compound verb. The rain has fallen and is still falling. The compound verb is; has fallen, is falling. Will Rolando mop the floor or wash the dishes? The compound verb is; will, mop, wash. Compound Sentences & Compound Verbs Some sentences may have both compound
sentences and verbs. In the following sentence try to notice that both subjects carry out the action of both of the verbs. A few vegetables and many flowers sprouted and grew in the rich soil. If there wasn't any compound verbs and subjects then the sentences would look something like this; { The vegetables sprouted and grew, and the flowers sprouted and grew.} Hint: think about the verbs and then look at the subjects. Share your sentences with someone sitting next to you. Identifying
Verbs Write each compound verb
phrase or verb in the sentences. Just like children today, children
in ancient Egypt played games and enjoyed toys. For the Egyptian board game Serpent, players found or carved a serpent shaped stone. Players placed the serpent in the center
of the board and then began the game. Subjects and Verbs Identify each subject and verb. Settlers faced and overcame many dangers.

Sacagawea of the Shoshone people helped open the
West to the explorers and settlers. Thank You!
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