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No description

marjorie elgincolin

on 3 May 2011

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Transcript of Angels

Angels By: Cliff Nish Timeline By: Marjorie Elgincolin The Beginning The End Freya Harrison meets an angel at the age of 8 9th b-day She refuses to leave window The sight became a mental problem Many trips to the hospital 4 yrs later -> A new life = big change/ improvements 7:15, monday:
1st day of school Ashcroft High;
Freya makes "FRIENDS" She sees a dark angel Stephanie Rice arrives at school Freya and Stephanie talks about angels Freya and her dad talks about the past Luke fights Tate Freya tells Stephanie about the dark angel Stephanie and Amy gets into a fist fight Freya talks to an angel again named Mestraal She flies with the angel, Hestron, and finds out the truth Luke tells Freya about their dad having kidney problems Freya calls Hestron for help Freya officially becomes an angel She flies with her wings for the first time Freya stands up to Amy for the first time Mestraal gives Freya lessons about being her type of angel Hestron dies Stephanie sneaks out to "save" Freya from the dark angel Freya realized what she had said to Stephanie was mean Stephanie gets mad at Freya She sets a fire in her room and destroys anything that is angel related Freya needs to decide who to save; Stephanie or Luke... Dad notices Freya acting like an angel again Freya saves Stephanie and apologizes Stephanie stays at the hospital for a long time Stephanie and Freya becomes friends again Freya becomes her dads guardian angel Freya and her dad had this father- daughter moment Frey becomes confident about her wards in the future
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