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Sig Sauer GmbH

Basis Template

Artica Ootmarsum

on 10 January 2018

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Transcript of Sig Sauer GmbH

A strong, individual brand identity demands a distinctive visual style. A striking signature. In the seventies, we developed house styles and advertising templates. You now have applications for these online, social media and apps.
What we do
We use an established positioning model with a variable method. No client and no project is ever the same. Therefore, dependent on your own views, we determine together what information is needed for the successful completion of your project.
After the concept has been agreed upon, we implement it in the discussed media and realize it. Besides development we also safeguard the overall concept and document them in a brand passport or branding guide.
We also like to handle the placement in the medium. After completion we evaluate the results, so our future results for you will be even better, sharper, smarter and more beautiful.
Once it is clear how a brand, product or service can distinctively be placed in the market, it is up to creation to transform the strategy into an original idea. We can translate the conceptual idea into various means: branding, website, social media campaign etc. Whatever your preference, we’ll make it.
Concept & Creation
Positioning = making choices
A flourishing brand starts with a distinctive identity. That is why, during this phase, we reevaluate the brand vision and mission and sharpen them. We are of the opinion that a distinctive brand is ahead of its time. Subsequently we package the distinctive characteristic, the brand’s added value, into a brand promise: the core message.
Brand, market & organization.
Every brand starts with a solid self-image. What does the brand stand for and what is its place in the market? A look at the vision and mission of a brand gives an insight in the motives, ambitions and current market developments.
We translate these into marketing communication objectives and consequently define your marketing potential and the individual purchase motives per target group. We then bring these into context, because only when we know how your brand, product or service relates to the competition in the market, can we really determine which unique selling points are truly distinguishing.
The best solution requires the best cooperation. Therefore we are close to our clients. It is only when we fully understand your brand and organization that we take action. Every bit of understanding starts with a thorough analysis. We like to immerse ourselves in the target market in order to get to know them. Knee-deep in the subject matter when necessary: fieldwork does not scare us off.
Realization & evaluation
Every type of distinction starts with an idea.
A central idea or thought which awakens the brand from its slumber of mediocrity to a higher plane.
An idea which shines as a clear path through
the murky forest of indecision.
Wherever the path takes you: together we will create that idea.

A successful brand or product is a succession of logical steps and choices. But what is logical and which choice is best? We ensure your know-how and our insights combine to form a smart launching pad.
Beautiful brands are not inert. You make them dynamic. A call to action. Whether than translates into enquiries, purchases or brand ambassadors. From Facebook campaigns to expo promotions, or old-fashioned collection of tokens. We would be delighted to assist you.
Brand Creation
How do you turn a good idea into a compelling story? With appropriate tone-of-voice and look-and-feel. By building on a strong concept. By testing whether it goes the distance, in whatever application.
Good ideas are universal, they can be implemented in a way that is not media dependent and they are not limited by format. We develop divergent three-dimensional promotional tools. For example, exhibition stands, displays… actually, anything that serves as an effective communication tool.
A well-built house is welcoming. In addition to a solid front door – an easy-to-find and characteristic home page – online video and social media offer innumerable opportunities to turn visitors into fans who want to beat a path to your ‘door’.

Sig Sauer GmbH, 27-11-2017.
Integration with external systems
Custom & Unique designs
Usability & experience
Online marketing (automation)

Data driven

Things we did

Shop solutions


Web projects


The Netherlands
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