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Influence of Greek and Roman Societies on the Modern World

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Lucas Wiltjer

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Influence of Greek and Roman Societies on the Modern World

Sparta was part monarchy, oligarchy, and democracy Roman Arches Gateway Arch Ancient Rome Modern Day Theater The Influence of Ancient Greece and Rome on Modern Day Society Culture Government Voting Separation of Power Progression White and Black Stones Every say equal Architecture Storytelling Sports History Greek and Roman societal influences has made the modern world organized, systematic, progressive and free. It is the basis of all world superpowers today and because of Greek and Roman societies the state of the world is positive and will only move in a positive way trias politica principle Law Works Cited http://www.infoplease.com/encyclopedia/society/law-roman-law-its-influence.html 12 tables Distinction between public law and private law http://www.historylink101.com/2/greece3/math-science.htm Complex water systems, Roman aqueducts Greco-Roman Columns
Parthenon White House California Aqueduct http://teachergenius.teachtci.com/ancient-greece-and-rome-and-their-influence-on-modern-western-civilization-2/ Cleisthenes creates Democracy Athens Accepts Direct Democracy 508 B.C Ancient Rome Athens falls 431 B.C Modern Day Rome becomes ancient power 509 B.C Rome falls Dark Ages 500-1200 A.D Renaissance and Enlightenment 1300-1700 A.D Ideas of Democracy Spread to Countries American & French Revolution Many Countries Confirm Having Democratic
Ideals 500 A.D Ancient Greece Modern Day Greek Theater http://www.ancientgreece.com/s/Theatre/ comedy tragedy Architecture of Theater Epics and Myths Rhetoric Matters could be decided with out divine right or violence Dialogue In Theater Freedom Born in Politics by Aristotle Implementation in Rome Publication with Montesquieu John Calvin, pilgrims United States of America Separation of Powers Roman Senate, Consuls and the Assemblies SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE: Uncle Sam is Zeus Olympics introduced friendly competition around the world... ...and brought nations together through the world of sports. Swimming, running, wrestling, javelin throwing and boxing were all derived from ancient Greece. Not only were sports for entertainment... ...they were for honor. Athleticism was seen as a sign of strength, like we see it as a sign of respect today. While Greek's focused more on entertainment... http://www.questia.com/library/literature/literary-styles-and-movements/epic-literature ...the Romans took things to a whole new level of brutality in games and sports alike. This more aggressive approach helped bring us to Major League's, like baseball or football. From a nice game of handball to a glorious chariot race... http://courses.durhamtech.edu/perkins/aris.html ...games and sports share common ground with what they used to be and what they have become. ...from a fast paced sprint to a fight to the death...
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