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Esra Erdemli

on 21 October 2014

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Get Ready For England!
here comes

On Board!
Yummy! Yummy!
I Could Eat
a Horse!
Get Well Soon!
“Oxford Quality Schools speak to the students as social individuals not just as language learners”
Welcome Back!
It is a course that aims to improve the ability of using daily language of the students.
The content of this course, which is planned only for Oxford Quality schools, is planned under the titles of “English For Life”, “English For Socializing”, “Steps to be a Global Citizen”, “Everyday English Conversation”, Imagination and Creativity”.
Doğa Oxford Quality Schools provide physical learning environments and simulations that give students the opportunity of learning through experiences by doing case study, situation based activities, projects, tasks, etc.
A real adventure
Get ready for england!
In this chapter, the students will get prepared for their trip to Oxford.

1. Locate on the map.
2. Check the weather forecast and pack your luggage. (Different seasons for different clothing)
3. Design a passport.
4. Book the ticket and the hotel room.
5. Jobs (Clerk, Receptionist, Agent, etc.)

on board!
In this chapter, the students will experience a day at the airport.

1. Check-in
2. Security
3. Gate
4. Baggage Claim
5. Customs
6. Money Exchange
7. Flight Board Check
8. Jobs (Pilot, Hostess, Security Guard, Policeman, Clerk, Teller, etc.)

In this chapter, the students will visit the places in town\city. They will be able to describe themselves and impressions of the places and also asking\giving direction while making new friends.

1. Places in town
2. Ask and give directions
3. Making new friends
4. Write a postcard/letter/ text messages
5. Transportation
6. Jobs (Driver <Taxi, Bus, etc.>, postman, zookeeper, etc.)
Yummy! Yummy! I Could Eat A Horse!
In this chapter, the students will taste international food types, and also they will learn about meals and places that serve food while experiencing other cultural traditions such as high tea, fish and chips, etc.

1. Food Types
2. Restaurant
3. Cafe
4. Give order
5. Menu
6. Meals
7. High Tea Day
8. Jobs (Waiter, Manager, Baker, Cook, etc. )
Get Well Soon
In this chapter the students will experience some health cases including going to vet, dentist, doctor, pharmacy. They will be able to express how they feel under different circumstances.

1. Illnesses
2. Health Services
3. Jobs (Doctor, Nurse, Dentist, Vet, etc.)

Welcome Back
• In the last chapter, the students will able to reflect their adventures, experiences and memories in Oxford through the environment and the conditions including shopping services, duty free, souvenir and concern of money.

1. Duty Free
2. Shopping services
3. Souvenirs
4. Money
5. Jobs (Shop Assistant, Cashier, etc.)

Each chapter lasts for 5 weeks and there are 2 teaching hours per week TOTAL 10 teaching hours for each chapter.
1) Language Matters
The students will get familiar with the target vocabulary and the structure.
2) Practice Makes Perfect
The students will be able to practice the newly learned vocabulary using speech bubbles, dialogues, etc.
(Two Teaching Hours)
3) Put The Pieces Together
The students will be able to practice the target vocabulary and the structure by doing pair-work studies.
4) done and dusted!
The students will be able to practice the target vocabulary and the structure by doing group-work studies.
(Two Teaching Hours)
5) t.e.a.m. (together everyone achıeves more)
6) actıon!
The students will prepare 3D or craft projects related with the aims of the chapter and their projects will be exhibited.
(Two Teaching Hours)
7) This is My Story
The students will keep a journal about their experiences.
8) Live It Up!
The students will play educational games about the chapters that encourages them for learning.
(Two Teaching Hours)
9) It’s a Piece Of Cake: mıssıon completed!
This is the assessment time for the chapter. The teacher checks the learning process of the students.
10) what's next?
(Two Teaching Hours)
The students will prepare a role-playing based project using the target structure and the vocabulary of the chapter.
This is the feedback part of the chapter. And also we will have case study, situation based and problem solving activities. The teacher will make the students ready for the upcoming chapter.
The wall will be used as the bulletin board. All of the activities of Oxford Street will be exhibited on the wall including photos and projects. In addition to this there will be a part that functions as a kind of message board time. It will have date, days of the week, time and weather forecast which will be updated every day.
Get Ready For Oxford!
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