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21 Things for Teachers

No description

Steve Csage

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of 21 Things for Teachers

21 Things for Teachers
How would I establish my web presence?
I had a weebly site through my school district that I used and will continue to update this year.
I didn't realize how many different web site creators existed on the web!
Thing two made me appreciate the importance of keeping my teacher web site up to date and what an important tool it can be for students and teachers.
Finally, something I could use in my classroom!
I am a very visual learner, and I think this is why I enjoyed thing three so much.
Tools I will use from thing three:
Word Clouds-Wordle, Tagzedo
Graphic Organizers-Popplet, Bubble.us
Infographics-Easel.ly, Piktochart
QR Codes-QR Stuff
I plan to use much of what we were given in Thing three in my classroom.
I had some familiarity with what a "cloud" was, but again, not nearly what I thought.
My method working on something at home? Email it to myself!
My method of bookmarking sites? Type in the address box until you find what you are looking for!
Symbaloo might have been one of the most valuable sites we were introduced to.
Dropbox now will be my "cloud"!
Google docs makes the most sense to use, and I'm sure I will use that as well as our district becomes more "Googlesque"
These 21 Things we learned were scattered at times, as is this Prezi.
But as with this presentation, all of these things will lead to one simple conclusion; Technology is here to stay and teachers need to embrace it and use it to become better educators!
Thank you Melissa and Carolyn! I look forward to implementing what I have learned!
I look forward to things 22-28!
What did I know about technology? Not much!
I set up my blog page
I learned how to screenshot and why.
Zoomit, a new tool to zoom into your screen and allows you to draw and edit.
Thing one set the foundations for the next 20 things; how assignments would be turned and viewed by our classmates.
My baptism to on line collaboration began with this class!
Tools I will use from thing five:
Google Drive
Lino-Sticky Notes
Web Whiteboard
My hope is that with these tools, my students will learn to collaborate with each other.
I also have plans to collaborate more effectively with colleagues!
Communication is the key in being successful in almost anything you do!
This thing would have been more effective during the school year as it was hard to practice communicating.
One tool I was introduced to that I plan on using weekly is called "Chatzy". I will be setting up private "help" rooms once a week for students who need help with homework.
Skype is another tool I plan on using this year.
Google Hangouts also was introduced. I hope to learn more about this during the upcoming school year!
Similar to thing three, many useful tools were introduced in thing seven!
Google Calender will become a staple of my classroom!
Evernote was another pretty neat web site!
Livebinders allows you to keep resources in one place.
Zamzar allows files to be converted to audio.
We were also introduced to "url shorteners".
This will help me to be more PRODUCTIVE as a teacher!
In thing 7, we were introduced to Evernote; a site that can do almost everything!
Google Calender; a tool I wasn't familiar with, will be a regular part of my class.
Live Binders, another site we were introduced to, will allow me to organize my resources for a class in one place.
Zamzar was another pretty neat site. This will allow different types of files to be converted.
Tiny url was introduced as well.
These sites will hopefully make me a more productive teacher!

Thing eight made me realize how much of a "bad citizen" I was in terms on using material online.
We were introduced to the "nine themes of digital citizenship", which all students, in my opinion, need to be made aware of.
Commonsense media will be a site I use this year.
Digital Citizenship will be an emphasis in my classes this year.
Once again, this thing made me realize what I have been doing online and how it might effect others.
We were introduced to Creative Commons and learned how to add them to online content that we have created.
Plag tracker will be a very useful tool as I struggle with plagiarism in my classroom!
Overall, I learned quite a bit from these two things and it will change my approach to what I use from the Internet!
We were introduced to one of the most important web sites in this thing; MeL!
I could spend hours searching through MeL, but I was able to find some specific search engines within that I will use in my classroom when we are researching.
Evaluating Web resources will also be an important strategy that we were introduced to in this thing.
I have always simply had my students use Google to search, but after being introduced to Scholar in Google, we will use that!
Citation makers will also come in handy; my students struggle with this each year.
This was a very informative thing!
This thing allowed us to dive into MeL and find "stuff" specific to our content areas!
I also enjoyed to REMC of Michigan.
CAPSpace will be a tool to use if I want to collaborate with others on a specific topic.
I have always wondered what a Podcast was, and now I know. I can use my iPod for more that music in the classroom!
School Tube, Teacher Tube, Discovery Education; all tools I will use this year.
Since I began teaching back in the early 90's, I have always believed in keeping my students "active" in the classroom.
My 8th grade classroom is based on an "interactive" project called "Living Through History".
Google Earth was a fun tool to play with.
Quizlet will be very useful for my students!
Teachers First was a pretty cool tool as well!
One site not listed, called Kahoot-it, will be a site I use quite a bit this year.
There are so many sites out there that are Interactive; too many to list! I look forward to finding more that will apply to my classroom!
This thing was a lot of fun!
Fotoflexer and Picasa were sites we were introduced to. Both allow for online editing of photos.
I also had fun creating my Avatar.
Photopeach was one of the better sites I used during this class! I created a little introduction to my 8th grade U.S. History class that I will be presenting on Tuesday.
Presentations are a major part of my curriculum; both high school and middle school!
I remember 4 years ago when one of my students, a transfer from Lansing Waverly, did a Prezi instead of a Power Point! I was amazed!
Google Presentations is also pretty neat, I have had students use this.
I used Blendspace for part of this things assignment and I can't wait to introduce it to my students!
I've always struggled to create Rubrics, but Rubistar will change all of that.
I learned what a PLN was.
I understand the importance of these, and with the development of online content, teachers must embrace PLN's to improve their craft!
We used standards from ISTE, a form of PLN.
LearnPort was another tool we were introduced to.
I officially opened a twitter account for this thing!
As our school district becomes more familiar with Google, "plus" will be a type of PLN I will use.
Differentiated Instruction is a big issue as our population becomes more and more diverse.
We were introduced to CAST.org; a website completely dedicated to DI.
We were also given some resources for text-to-speech converters.
We were introduced to MiSchools.org; a web site that basically tells you anything you need to know about a district in Michigan.
Testmoz was a pretty cool web site that allows you to create online tests, quizzes, etc for your students to take online.
Surveymonkey also is something I will use this school year.
Spreadsheets and graphs were introduced in this thing.
I use Microsoft Excel quite a bit, so I had some prior knowledge on how to use it.
Google Forms is something we were shown. I became more familiar with this tool after taking a Google workshop last week.
This was a very emotional thing for me. I put together a digital story of what my wife and I are going through as she battles breast cancer.
I used Animoto to put together the story.
We were also introduced to Little Bird Tales and Storybird, but both felt to "elementaryish" for what I needed to do.
Read Write Think Comic Creator was interesting as well!
I really enjoyed watching the examples of flipped classrooms.
I can really see the benefits of flipped classrooms as we learn more and more about technology.
Screencast-o-matic is another tool I will use this year. I created my first Youtube video using this, demonstrating how to create a popplet!
I hope to learn more about flipped classrooms and if I get a set of classroom computers, I am sure my teaching will go in that direction!
So what does the future hold in terms of technology?
Some of these new tools, I'm sure, have been around for some time! Taking this class would have been the only what I would have found them.
1:1 Schools seems to be something popular. Our school district will have 12 1:1 classes this year, more than most schools in our area.
I was fascinated with the potential of Google Glass!
BYOD is a hot topic right now. I think as our school district continues to add 1:1 classrooms, BYOD will be a non-issue.
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