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Enhancing the Human Resource Function

Presentation about the necessary processes and resources required to deliver a high quality Human Resource function to staff

Victoria Evans

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Enhancing the Human Resource Function

Enhancing the Human Resource function in the School of Health, Community and Education Studies at Northumbria University £21 Billion per year spent on recruitment in the UK each year

Hilary Devey's Women at the top, BBC2 13th September 2012

Staff retention - "push and pull" factors

Approx10% of employees leave employment in the first 6 months because of money

Roth, H (2008) http://www/lifeworksolutions.com.au/news/staff-turnover-facts/ What do we know Improve School internal processes

Develop Induction

Identify how the School can provide a high level Human Resource function for it's staff Work Based Project
Aims & Outcomes Victoria Evans
Office Manager What do I want to achieve? Improve my knowledge of the function and understand what can be done to enhance the service

Develop new skills

Deliver a quality service and experience for all involved Aims & Outcomes
Personally Communicate to staff the enhanced service available to them and establish key contacts

Raise my professional profile through feedback and reputation Aims & Outcomes
Professionally Assist the central Human Resource function through improved process and communication methods

Raise the profile of the School through reputation

Provide a set of recommendations for the organisation as a whole which will enhance the overall experience and influence recruitment and retention Aims & Outcomes Organisation Methodology Ethics, policy, objectives and data protection Research & literature review Professional discussions - organisational perspectives Professional discussions - staff observations Process Mapping Actual Outcome Identification of
process issues - enhanced processes developed internally What steps need to be taken - liaison with HR, finance and relevant staff - links established Models of good practice - identified through literature and discussion Communication strategy - developed through process mapping, discussion and theory Change Management - clear objectives on how to manage change with all Reflection Learning Gained Facts - what the School process should look like Theory and practice required to implement the changes How the combination of feedback from staff, process recommendations, policy and Corporate Strategy objectives are necessary to inform themes for enhancement Knowledge Organisational Policy Corporate Strategy Operational Plan objectives Skills Communication methods Informed opinions - discussions Application of learning - putting it into practice Implications for practice
Personally Induction

Staff retention

Staff more effective in role in shorter time

Reputation Implications for practice
The Organisation Planning is the essential starting point for making best use of human resources in an organisation. We don’t go on holiday without planning so should therefore not handle an organisations most important and expensive asset (people) without planning the approach carefully.

CiPD (2007) (Workbook 7)
Recruitment & Selection Conclusion Recommendations Implications for practice
Personally Strengths & Weaknesses
The Project Design Key themes Key contacts Strengths Weaknesses Sample staff feedback only (not full ethical study)

Isolated review

Covers limited aspects of the Human Resources function Immediate improvement areas identified

Communication strategy established

Focussed on internal process only Personal Organisation New systems and communication methods will enhance service and remove issues such as missing paperwork Staff provided with relevant info at induction impacting on experience and retention Meet the needs of staff through
enhanced function as a
whole including possibility
of HR surgery Changes to authorisation process

All forms sent in word format

Shared area created
for use by finance and Office Manager

Staff welcome letter copied to induction champion, line manager and Dean HR Manager on site one day to provide surgery

Training on key HR responsibilities for all line management

University induction
dates set in advance

HR provide contract end notifications to School

Results of project fed into central Human Resources Process/communication

Lean working resulting in cost savings overall (less error means less time spent by fewer people)

Effective service delivery meeting needs of staff "Knoweldge of communication
will always be important to
anyone who wishes to function
more effectively within the workplace".

Maund, L. (2001) Access granted to HR systems - staff information School comparisons Staff Survey
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