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QA work shop

From:Ops Team

eduardo palencia

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of QA work shop

QA WORK SHOP 5 Why´s MPCS case study Action Plan To do List Continuous Improvement
Respect for People Beware Of¡ Similar to a FAQ´s file but filled with all those advices that agents have on their mind to not fall on them, "Four O four" Coaching tactics to all supervisors We need to keep providing them with knowledge and ways to improve their coaching skills and get ahead of the curve. Brainstorming Creation of spaces like this that help us to understand why-how-were-when the agent misses points on the call Adapt scripting tool US has a scripting tool that provides agents with the time to provide better customer service and not have listening skills because they are doing previous MEMO   We need to address our expert work force base and get a analysis that help us understand and take decisions that positions us as #1 in our client Partner scorecard. What-How?
Filter Info-FTTG
Translate & Interpreter
Recomendations Problem Perception...
Problem Clarification... ... Need to know ... Point of cause You Can’t Improve What you Don’t Measure "Little Things do matter" QA scores are inconsistent The Plan Do Check Act Cycle Everyone's job to improve for the customer
Everything can and must get better Problem perception Maximize Value Understand type of call as a process Data by sections Respond to Pull Give your customer what they need
When they need it
Not what, or when, is convenient to you Aim for Sample¡ Type of call Call handling Modular Training Problem Clarification Not an artificial target
Not 'that will do'
Not 'that's what others are doing' We are loosing points over handling processes like:
Not finishing the MEMO on same call
Not mentioning "sorry or empathy statement"
Not following metro fix for troubleshooting
Not supervising because we aren't organized enough ¡If you do what we always do,
we'll get what we always get¡ Why ? Currently there's a process called modular training in which the training dept refreshes via exams-one on one-or additional training like customer service skill additional to the ones they do in their first training PERFECTION 63% 68% above 1 year 82% & 72% 22 evaluations The range of dispersion of NH with Metro is above 8 points¡
We need to increase to 100% the feedback sessions in TB, To provide experience Things that are not working: Trainer is not doing evals & ATH
Supervisor are not walking the floor(other metrics)
Modular Training is not being provided
We don't have assigned schedules to provide feedback
Consolidated data
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