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lobo day 2

No description

Alison Brink

on 20 September 2016

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Transcript of lobo day 2

el vocabulario
Hoy es martes el veinte de septiembre
el cuento
listen and repeat as the native speaker pronounces words
La meta
on your desk there are 2 pages in plastic
Today you will need your spiral notebook for notes and loose leaf notebook paper to turn in
Students will be able to identify correct and incorrect pronunciation of the vowels o and u in Spanish

Students will demonstrate the ability to have a basic conversation in Spanish using only vocabulary taught in class

Students will be able to use active vocabulary in Spanish to describe a set of pictures
cuida- he or she takes care of
la oveja- the sheep
corre- she or he runs
el pastor- the shepherd
otra vez- again
write the vocab in your spiral notebook
Hay un pastor. El pastor cuida una oveja. Un
día, la oveja corre rápido. El pastor grita ¡No!
La oveja corre rápido otra vez. El pastor grita
¡No! otra vez. La oveja corre rápido otra vez.
El pastor está furioso
for the page with the pictures
read the stories and do the activities provided on your loose leaf notebook paper
read the information about the Aztec.
After reading write a TEA paragraph about what you have read.
Draw the grid below
la oveja
el pastor
using the story we just wrote, read, and translated, place the following phrases in the correct column
cuida la oveja



está furioso
... otra vez

masculine feminine
1._____ libro
2._____ revista
3. _____ libros
4. _____ revistas
5. _____ profesor
6. _____ profesora
7. _____ refrescos
8._____ montañas
9. ______ sillas
10._____ mesa
la hoja de trabajo...
definite articles
Sr. Jordan y el alfabeto
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