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Argument Paper

No description

Ms. Griego

on 27 February 2018

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Transcript of Argument Paper

5 paragraph MLA argument
Cell phones in schools

Argument Review
When you write an argument you present an opinion without saying 'I'.

An effective argument uses facts from reputable sources.
An argument always has a 1 sentence claim.
An argument presents a counter claim (addresses the other side).
Example: Schools should not allow cell phones...
Students should be allowed to play school sports...
Students should not be allowed to play school sports...
Example: Although students should be allowed to use their cellphones at school, sometimes, technology can be a distraction.

Introductory Paragraph
with 1 sentence claim
Body Paragraph 1
support for claim reason #1
what you think
3 reasons of support
Body Paragraph 2
support for claim reason #2
Body Paragraph 3
support for claim reason #3
Concluding Paragraph
with 1 sentence claim
what you think
3 reasons of support
*don't forget to throw your counterclaim in there somewhere!
1. Choose an argument option.
2. Choose a topic.
3. Choose a side. Write a claim
for this side.
5. Start taking notes. (More notes are better than too few!)
How to take notes
Schools need sports because kids need exercise, activities help them make friends, and school sports create a sense of community.
kids need exercise
a way to make friends
create a sense of community
"School sports keep kids active and teach healthy lifestyle choices"
sports create ways to make new friends
Mike Sportsalot
New York Times
The Importance of Sports
Your phone buzzes in your pocket. All you want to do is see which app notified you or which friend texted. But you're in class! You sneak your phone out of your pocket to text your friend back and quickly thumb your way over to google and look up an answer to your science quiz. No big deal, right? And what's a quick thumb swipe over to Instagram where a few other kids posted a picture making fun of someone's outfit today? When kids have cellphones it's that easy to make bad choices.
Kids don't need cell phones because they are a distraction and they can lead to cheating and bullying.
Bzzz. Bzzz. The teacher is in the middle of giving directions. Bzz. Bzzz. What's that sound? It's someone's cell phone going off. Everyone is looking around to see who it is. The teacher stops talking and suddenly everyone else is talking. Cell phones are a huge distraction in classes today.
According to The Age of distraction

". . . students who use their mobile phones during class lectures tend to write down less information, recall less information"
and generally do worse on tests
(Weimer 1)

According to a Pew Research study
"8 percent of American teens ages 13 to 17 have to a mobile phone, and a majority of teens (73 percent) have smartphones"

That's a ton of kids being distracted every day in class! With smart phones it's incredibly easy for kids to get and stay distracted. When that Instagram notification pops up which are students focused on?
Their photo or that lesson about argument writing? Studies say it's Instagram

(Weimer 1)

Finish taking notes.
Begin rough draft
Nothin' Fancy: follow argument outline on cheat sheet.
Remember to paraphrase and use parenthetical citation (hamburgering your quote) correctly!
Use your own words to introduce the quote "then use the quote" (Griego 9).
How much do you remember?
You need a half sheet of paper (split with someone at your table). Answer the questions below. Wait quietly when you are finished.
Write a "T" if true and an "F" if false.
1. In an argument paper you can say "I".
2. A claim is more than one sentence.
3. A claim is the topic + what you think + 3 reasons of support.
4. A good argument must be supported with facts.
5. A counterclaim is mentioning the other side of the argument.

Correct this claim:
6. Dogs are the best.
Dogs are the best pets for families because they are smart, loyal, and excellent playmates.
So I'm ready to get started on my rough draft!
Stuck? Try these on for size
Startling facts
Ask a question

Did you come across some cool and interesting information when you were researching?
If you can't think of a statement ask a question. Remember don't say "you". As in - Have you ever had trouble starting a paper? Most 6th graders have faced...
Did you come across some great information you want to quote directly? (Remember Hamburgering your quotes???)
Short story to get your audience interested in your topic. It usually gives a fictional preview of what your paper will be about.
Equivalent of 5 paragraph argument, presented in an appropriate format.
Nothin' Fancy
Challenge Accepted
Two options enter! Only one leaves.
School Sports

School Uniforms
Year Round Schools
Approved choice topic
Nothin' Fancy
Challenge Accepted
Yes, you still need...
Equivalent of 5 paragraphs
An intro and conclusion
A claim
A counterclaim
You'll present your information in an appropriate format OTHER THAN a 5 paragraph paper.

Challenge Accepted
You still need a rough draft/outline/plan of your presentation.
The format is up to you.
Your plan should be well outlined!
cell phones in school
school sports
school uniforms
year round schools
choose your own
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