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Prince Edward Island Joining Confederation

No description

Like A Boss

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Prince Edward Island Joining Confederation

BY: DUSTIN TANTON 7E How Would Confederation Strength PEI Pros and Cons of Not Joining Confederation Population -Canada would build them a bridge called
the confederation bridge joining Canada and PEI to avoid isolation.
- If they joined, Canada would pay off their debt.
-They would be part of a bigger group and safer from attacks especially from America.
-Canada would pay off the land to Britain because no PEI farmer owned their land, they had to pay rent to the British. Cons- If Prince Edward Island didn't join they would suffer from debt and a isolation and a low population. Like the other Maritime provinces the geography kept them far from the large inland population.
Pros- PEI wouldn't have to learn French. Economic- With confederation PEI would lose
their trade relationship with the U.S. and Europe. They would lose lots of money since Canada wouldn't pay Prince Edward Island for anything. They also get a lot of income from selling fish. There economy relied on agriculture. Also PEI the other Maritime provinces build 70% of ships for Britain, Norway and the United States. Political - They enjoyed political independence. They believed that if they joined confederation they would be crushed politically. Also if PEI joined confederation they wouldn't have much of a say in government since the government is rep by pop (representation by population), and PEI has the smallest population out of all the colonies. CONFEDERATION OF PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND There are pros and cons for Prince Edward Island to join Confederation. Prince Edward Island Social- Joining confederation could have a huge affect on the well being of the citizens who live there. With the Canadian laws and Prince Edward Island's little say in the government, these new laws can have a negative impact on PEI. Should PEI Join Confederation YES First Prince Edward Island refused to join confederation at first for obvious reasons like losing their money through canceled trade relationships, and political and economical challenges. Also the little say in government they had. Confederation benefited PEI because of the big amount of debt they were in. Confederation would solve there financial problems and with the building of the confederation bridge, PEI was now joined with Canada and they were not isolated from everything else. Confederation benefits our colony and makes it safer from intruders from other countries. How would confederation jeopardize our colony? Confederation Bridge - Canada granted them this bridge for joining confederation to solve Prince Edward Island's isolation problem. The bridge wasn't opened tell 1997 THANKS FOR WATCHING!!! Bibliography http://www.umanitoba.ca/colleges/st_pauls/ccha/Back%20Issues/CCHA1961/Bolger.pdf http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_were_the_pros_and_cons_of_Prince_Edward_Island_joining_the_confederation Social Textbook
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