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Learning Platform 2.4

Cloud based learning platform aimed at Post-Primary education sector and the introduction of Enterprise Class IT systems to the IT curriculum, through the use of virtualisation technologies

Robert Nolan

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of Learning Platform 2.4

The Old Ways in New Shoes How will MEduSaaS make a difference? Consumers of IT Systems are now consumers of IT Clouds, as focus shifts to core business workloads and away from supporting IT infrastructure.

A general understanding of IT systems is no longer prevalent among technology consumers, or seemingly tech-savy students. A cloud based Learning Platform where educators and students can access a uniform IT infrastructure platform, through a single web portal on the Internet and utilise sub-portals such as: A consolidated platform, enabling content sharing and hands-on collaboration of Enterprise Class IT Systems What need is there for such a Learning Platform? IT Skills Gap within industry

American Chamber of Commerce (http://goo.gl/eM5nd)
IBEC (http://goo.gl/YpvaX)
Accenture (http://goo.gl/qYhET) While the rate of students entering 3rd level increases year on year, conversely, so does the the drop out rate in Technology related subjects. The initial aim of MEduSaaS is to:

Instil foundation awareness of Enterprise IT Systems at a very high level, as opposed to deep diving into coding
Create a greater appreciation of the underlying systems based within the Clouds students interact with on a daily basis
Provide universal access to a standardised platform and therefore, for the first time, a universal Computing curriculum could be introduced at Leaving Cert Level! Currently, there is no ICT/Computer Science/Computing examinable subject for the Leaving Certificate in Ireland - therefore, there are no CAO points available for taking an optional subject in this area beyond Junior Certificate (Programming short course available at Junior Cert. from 2014). Much of the reason behind an inability to deliver an examinable CS subject is the lack of a common, universal platform to all schools

In research we carried out amongst multiple Secondary Level schools, the % of students interested in taking a CS course in 5th & 6th year jumped by +21% if CAO points were available for that subject. If you build it, they will come!!! What else is out there and what is so different about MEduSaaS? Development Effort/cost (offshore - based on 6 months) Test Effort/cost (offshore - based on 6 months) Currently, there is no examinable ICT/Computing/Computer Science subject at Leaving Certificate level in Ireland.

Much of the reason for the unavailability of an examinable subject is due to an inability to provide uniform IT infrastructure to apply a uniform marking scheme on.

Survey research we have carried out has found that if such a subject were examinable at Leaving Cert. level and therefore allocated CAO points, the interest in taking the subject jumped by +22%.

Refresh the entire IT infrastructure in evey school
or provide access to a hosted platform?

MEduSaaS is the answer! Books to ebooks

Blackboards to Interactive Whiteboards (IWB)

Libraries are now Content Management Systems (CMS) ICT Curriculum

Office365 MEduSaaS combines the aspects of Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) and Learning Managements Systems (LMS), delivered within a collaborative, workspace environment MediaHub: Access, download and upload shared content in the form of digital media (Podcasts, Video, documents etc.) SocialHub: Discuss and collaborate with other other students, educators, learning institutes and the wider MEduSaaS community in a controlled, secure environment Workspace: Easily create (drag & drop) virtual representations of Enterprise Class IT Systems. Learn how these systems interact, provide the backbone of how many of our everyday products work (iTunes, Netflix, Facebook, etc.) and provide a broad, high level overviews of Computing Systems Customisable and adaptable to latest technological trends Scalable, metered, elastic infrastructure Local licensing, maintenance and installation costs removed We've got some of what MEduSaaS offers.... But none of us offer it all! Play Discuss Share Researched industry leaders, CESI (Computers in Education Society of Ireland), ISA (Irish Software Association), IBEC, ICT Ireland, #edchatie (twitter forum for education in Ireland) among others MEduSaaS can help to close the skills gap in this area by up-skilling base understanding in Enterprise Class IT systems at Post-Primary level Need more? Follow me.... Women in Technology Senior Cycle Reform - Computer Science Module Increased drop out rate in 3rd level Technology Courses Virtualisation Leveraging the Cloud bringing Enterprise Technology into the classroom Multiple virtualisation platforms (AWS, Google Compute Engine, MS Azure) could be made available within the application. Students could then choose which platform to create systems on, with options based on priority preference within the application. Significant numbers proficient on those platforms as a result - long term ROI! Not for Profit Model EC EIT Funding

Government Funding

Cloud4Gov IaaS Platform

Partnership with Cloud Service Provider(s)

Offer Cloud Broker Model - Priority Preference Service Offerings Launch in Ireland using the Not for Profit model. Once proven and established, launch internationally using the monetisation strategy: Cloud Broker Model Not for Profit & Profit Combined c16 million users +65 million users success Route to and from there.... Public Sector Version Training platform for various Public sector departments (i.e. Education & Skills, Health, etc.). Initially aimed at upskilling educators Training platform for Private sector companies, offering MOOCs and CBT Enterprise Version Establish Advisory Panel comprised of representatives from Dept. of Education & Skills, Teachers and the IPPN as well as Industry (including IBEC, CoderDojo etc.)

Allow users to gain "Developer Credits" based on progress - unlocking advanced functionality as credits are gained

Incorporate a programming development environment to allow user to switch between programming platforms (Scratch, Perl, PHP, iOS SDK, Android SDK). Allowing access to Virtual Systems for application deployment @redledbetter
robertno@gmail.com Girls need to be engaged with IT at a younger age. Moving towards humanities and arts instead The gap is widening between tech expectations at 3rd level and IT ability at Post-Primary level Uniform IT Platform = Universal exam = CAO points at Leaving Cert level = Increased take-up Total Costs (Year1) *This is the retail cost of providing the platform. Partnering with a Cloud provider(s) would significantly reduce this cost. Pay-per-use also allows the cost to be scaled over Year 1, from initial phase utilisation to full utilisation throughout the target sector The introduction of this "piece of kit" into our house, when we were very young, was probably the most significant event that resulted in my brother and I studying IT at college and working exclusively in the IT industry Movements such as CoderDojo have proven that young kids have a significant aptitude for technology at a technical level, as well as gamification. The younger tech can be introduced, the more significant the ROI Alan Sugar & my Dad
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