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Judgement of Paris

No description

dakota stanley

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Judgement of Paris

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli The Judgement of Paris By: Dakota Stanley The first "beauty contest" in mythology. Between the three most beautiful goddesses of Olympus Aphrodite Goddess of love and beauty Hera Queen of the gods Goddess of women and marriage Athena Goddess of wise counsel and war The Prize? Begins at the wedding of Peleus and Thetis. All of the gods were invited... except Eris. When she appeared at the festivities she was turned away. In anger, Eris tossed a golden apple on the floor The apple was addressed to the fairest Aphrodite, Hera, and Athena each claimed the apple Zeus commanded Hermes to lead the three goddesses to Paris of Troy to decide the issue Each goddess offered Paris gifts for favour Hera offered power. Athena offered to make him the greatest soldier of the age. Aphrodite told Paris if he picked her she would promise the most beautiful in the world to him, Helen, Queen of Sparta. Aphrodite stuck to her word and helped Paris kidnap Helen Paris went to Sparta to seek his reward. With the help of Aphrodite, Paris had caught the attention of Helen, who at the time was married to King Menelaus. Menelaus, not aware of Paris' plan had his guard down which led to Helen and Paris eloping to Troy. Paris, intrigued by Aphrodite's promise, handed her the apple. What Happened Next? In an attempt to get Helen back, Menelaus sent one thousand ships to Troy. "A face that could launch a thousand ships" This caused the Trojan War.. A ten year war between the Trojans and the Greeks. Where do we see this today? Hellenistic: symbol of a beautiful woman. Comes from Helen of Troy. Helen of Troy is alluded to in Shakespeare's play Troilus and Cressida. The Greek lyricist used the story of Helen's romance with Paris as the basis for her songs and poems. Paris is referred to in Agatha Christie's 1933 mystery, Lord Edgware Dies.
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