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Habits of Happiness

No description

Visvambara Caitanya Dasa

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Habits of Happiness

H H Habits of
Happiness Mind training How do we proceed towards well-being? whatever we do Ideas Matter Contest In association with Mathieu Ricard whatever we hope is somehow related to a deep, whatever we dream Who wakes up
desiring to
suffer? We all strive, "Happiness is one of those ideas which humanity has intentionally left vague, so that each individual might interpret it in his own way."! Henry Bergson Saint Augustine and sometimes where we are sometimes elated dejected The
we go
the less
us. Pleasure 2 Chocolate Cakes 1 Chocolate Cake Pleasure is contingent 3 Chocolate Cakes object time circumstance to: Sociologists we cannot control the often
outside we can control the inside outside TED & yours Nimai Janssens to be happier and suffer less. consciously or unconsciouly passionately or calmly adventurously or routinely competently or clumsily A rejoicing in the Truth. Is being in the
present, in,
the NOW! How much
the person
likes the life he or she lives Different
perspectives Fine if was only a secondary preocupation in life... Happiness former molecular biologist presently Buddhist monk ow AKA: Meditation to go so deep? ow to go so deep? When the inner conditions are stronger The outer conditions do influence, but ...
less Science
admires mind training takes time a deep sense of Serenity and Fulfillment, a state that underlies all emotional states Even profound desire for Happiness Happiness is matters ! then we better know what it is... if Happiness will determine the quality of every instance of our life Happiness But Inner
Well-Being I spend most of my time here in the Himalayas.
You are all welcome to stay with me The was thought to once we reach adult age. be fixed Until 20 years ago... for us adults Worthy Matters is measurable Please click play
for background music Before we start...
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