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Waiting For Superman

No description

Erin Pigman

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Waiting For Superman

Waiting For Superman
Poetic Devices
"The clouds roll by and they spell her name like Lois Lane"
Speaker, Setting, Tone
Personification and Simile
"He got stuck at the laundromat washing his cape"
"She's been locked up inside her apartment a hundred days"
"If life was a movie, then it wouldn't end like this"
"Oh like a speeding light"
The speaker is a narrator; the story described by the song is told in 3rd person Omniscient, because the speaker describes the thoughts and feelings of the two people. The speaker's attitude stays the same throughout the song.
The setting of this song is a big city skyline such as New York City's. The song describes a taxi, a laundromat, and the "Metropolis," the setting doesn't change.
The tone of this song is one of hope and anticipation, the tone stays the same throughout the song, the girl is faithfully waiting for "superman" to come and save her, and though he is running late she sticks to her gut and just keeps waiting.
Overall Theme
The overall theme of this song is heroism. The use of poetic devices such as imagery, personification, and metaphor help to portray the setting and emotions behind the story, for instance when it says, "she's talking to angels, counting the stars," this repetitive line allows for the theme to stay valid all throughout the song. Even though the character in the song isn't actually superman, the poetic devices help give the illusion that he is her hero.
The title, "Waiting for Superman" is a direct relation to the theme of the story. It is a line in the chorus and of course superman is a hero. Even though she knew he would show up, she had to wait for him, and he
always came in the end to save her.
By: Erin Pigman
Verse 1: All sh has for entertainment is watching the life that takes place outside her window, she watches as the taxi drives away alone with her dreams. She has been "locked up in her apartment," like a princess waiting for her prince to come to the rescue.
Chorus: She's praying, dreaming and wishing; while unsure about her life and waiting for some one to be her hero and save her from this mess she calls "life". She is confused and scared but she waits for her superman.
Verse 2: She is trying to pull herself together and make sense of all the craziness in the midst of the void and loneliness she feels.
Verse 3: She is desperate for love and respect immediately, she has waited and waited so long and needs her hero to come save her or she just might lose herself altogether.
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