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What are energies and why do we need them?

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Alexis K

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of What are energies and why do we need them?

Energy Stores
Fuel, electricity and food are all energy stores because they contain energy. You shouldn't confuse energy stores and transfers. A battery for example is an energy store because it stores chemical energy can can be used.
What are energies?
You use energy for everything you do. Energies are power, like power to a car. Without energy the car wouldn't be able to move. Everything requires energy: a car, us, animals, phones, computers, what you are all doing now requires energy.
A world without energies.
Without energies nothing would happen because there is no power for something to happen. Nothing would move or live without energy. So, we need energy to survive.
Different Energy Types
There are different energy types such as:
Kinetic energy (movement)
Heat energy
light energy
electrical energy
Thermal energy
Sound energy
Energy Transfers and Changing form
Energy transfers help energy move like: kinetic, electrical energies.
Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change form. For example in a car the input of energy is fuel (chemical energy) and and the outputs are kinetic energy, heat energy and sound energy. The INPUT of energy will always be the same as the OUTPUT of energy. Now of course some types of outputs of energy are useless.
What are energies and why do we need them?
Thanks for Watching
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