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No description

Ms. Rue's Class

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Jellies

Our final project is a poster showing you our jelly bloom problem in depth, all about the fishery, and the effects the fishery would have in Fakelandia.
Final Project
Our final project is a poster to show everybody all about our solution, the fishery, and the effects our fishery would have, if created.
Our solution is to invest in a fishery that will target the local jelly population. This fishery would not only help prevent further global climate change but it would also bring in the tourist industry, as well as a fishing, packaging, and exporting industry.
Initial Problem
Our problem in Fakelandia is a jelly bloom. They are adding to the green house effect because of the carbon dioxide being released in the air. The jellies are eating the plankton leaving no food for the smaller fish. Also they are becoming a nuisance to fishermen.
What we Learned
Upon further research we have learned that the ocean is becoming more acidic do to the jelly blooms, and that this is having a corrosive effect in the ocean. Some factors that have contributed to the jelly blooms are global climate change, over fishing, and fertilizer runoff. We also learned that jellies are edible, and in South East Asia they like to eat them.
By: Hunter W., Will A., and Tahjanay H.
Thank you for watching!!
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