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Paradise Lost in relation to Frankenstein, connection to the big picture

Yomna Elshmay

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Frankenstein

Why did the monster relate to Paradise Lost the MOST? Paradise Lost Seeking Knowledge Poem's Impact Author's Purpose "Cursed, cursed creator! Why did I live?"
- Creature

The creature had no choice in his existence. Ever since he was born, he was hated by everyone, no matter how hard he tried to be kind.

"Did I request thee, Maker, from my clay
To mould me Man? did I solicit thee
From darkness to promote me"
- Paradise Lost Satan was kicked out of heaven for disobeying
God and seeks revenge on all man kind.

The monster feels that he is Satan as he was also rejected by his father and hated by all man.

The monster sees Satan in himself but isn't he more like Adam? Does he not love and is he not the first creature of his kind? If the monster interpreted Paradise Lost in a different way, what would have happened? Paradise Lost is a poem regarding the creation of
Adam Eve by God, and how they were deceived by Satan, a rebellious angel. There was much temptation for the first humans on this earth, as Satan attempted to trick them into eating the forbidden fruit, causing them to commit the first sin.

The first main character introduced is Satan himself, who was formerly known as the most beautiful angel on earth. However, after failing an attempt at trying to take control Heaven over God, he was sent to Hell. While in Hell, Satan organized his followers to "poison" the newly created earth and
heaven, in attempt to get revenge. The monster uses books he found to educate himself on humans, unfortunately these books are works of fiction but were interpreted by the monster as mankind's true history.

He related to Paradise Lost more than any other book since he saw, a bit of himself in Adam and Satan. Paradise Lost Making Connections The author specifically chose Paradise Lost to reveal to the monster the extent of evil.

This ignited the monster's struggle to be good. This struggle is in each and everyone of us; no one is completely good.

Is this Mary Shelley's way to make the monster more human and allow the reader's to relate more to him? Monster's Introduction to Paradise Lost After abandoning his creator, the monster was left to try to survive on his own. While struggling to find food and needs in a forest, he comes upon a two books, one being "Sorrows of Werter", and of course, Milton's "Paradise Lost". The Duality of the Monster In the novel the monster displays dual personalities which is a reference to Satan and Adam in John Milton's Paradise Lost. The monster possesses these different traits due to the way he was created and from the treatment that he receives from all mankind. The monster feels like he could be a blessing to mankind as Adam was, but because he is rejected so he grows resentment towards mankind much like Satan. In the book it is evident that the monster has two sides, a kind and a demonic side. At the beginning he was sweet and helped anyone in need such as Felix.

As time progressed the people started to treat him horribly and the abandonment of his father led him to act out. Moreover when he read Paradise Lost, he began to commit a lot of murders

So is the monster good or bad? Adam was loved by God, taught right from wrong, he was greatly respected. This is where the monster sees the difference between him and Adam.

They are similar in the way that they are the first creatures of their kind but that is their only similarity which is why the monster had trouble connecting with Adam. Adam Vs The Monster Good Vs Evil Satan Vs. The Monster Satan disobeyed God which led to him being kicked out of heaven. He then took his revenge. trying to invade heaven, that again got him thrown out of heaven. But this time, chained to a lake of fire. Abandoned, and alone, he eventually rises from the ashes. and with help, creates a city. But still bent on his creator's destruction.

The Monster never really disobeyed his creator at first. Victor just disowned him based on his physical appearance. He survived his "Death sentence" of being abandoned as a child. The Monster also, abandoned and alone. He slowly rose from his ashes too, he became intelligent and knowledgeable. The Monster, bent on his creators destruction, just like Satan is.
Common Theme The theme of jealousy is common in both stories. The creature was jealous of human society and how everyone was accepted and loved. You can infer that when observing the De Lacey family, the monster was wishing he could have a relationship with someone similar to it, but ultimately fee injustice when he realises no one loves him.

It is the same with Satan, as when he noticed the prolong
happiness Adam and Eve shared, he ought to sought revenge.
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