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Bio group presentation

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on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Bio group presentation

Our Neighborhood
Massachusetts Avenue and Macomb St. Building/Ecological Characteristics:
Primarily residential
Urban - a lot of yard greenery
Massachusetts and Macomb intersection - wild greenery
Not a lot of wildlife
Domesticated animals Human to Animal Ratio

27:5 Sustainability Plan


Objective: maintain and improve greenery in the neighborhood

Plan: provide residents with ideas for and methods of increasing ecological diversity

- develop gardening models (Ecosense, American University)

- devise a protection plan for wild greenery

- encourage residents to attend local open markets

- increase parking space

"it is important to eat locally as much as possible. Knowing that you produced your own food and that you reduced your carbon footprint in the process is even better." Kate Pinkerton, Environmental Studies Major ANIMALS!

PLANTS! Cramped parking Purely residential Unkempt gardens, Unprotected wild greenery "American University EcoSense Homepage." AU EcoSense. 15 April 2010.

Belk, Colleen, and Virginia Borden Maier. Biology: Science for Life . San Fransisco: Benjamin Cummings, 2009. Print.

Zeller, N. Great Experiments. University Readers: 2010 BIBLIOGRAPHY: Walk on the Wild Side

Nicki DeMarco, Emily Ackerman, Rhia Bakshi, Russell Bar
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