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Q6. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

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Lauren Whittingham

on 4 March 2011

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Transcript of Q6. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

Q6. 6. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? During the production of this product I have assumed the roles of... Journalist Photographer Sub-editor Graphic Designer Layout sub-editor Proof reader To produce my work, I have used desktop publishing methods, using programmes such as... Still cameras a PC a printer Quark Xpress Adobe Photoshop I used Adobe Photoshop to create my music magazine front cover; I think using this programme has been very important in ensuring my front cover was effective, professional and attractive to the audience. Without Photoshop I do not think my front cover would be anywhere near the standard of a professional magazine. The tools on this programme were easy to use and ensured my works quality. For example, I used filters such as solarise in some of my work to create impact, which would not have been possible without Photoshop. I also used tools such as the blending options 'bevel and emboss' and 'drop shadow' to make my title stand out. I used Blogger to keep track of all the coursework I have created its production, research and planning. I updated my blog every time I did something significant for my work, be it research, production work or photographs. This site has also allowed me to add programmes such as Prezi and Scribd to my blog, which makes my coursework log a lot more interesting to view, and also adding a wide range of digital technology to my work. Moreover, it is possible to embed these programmes in my blog, so there is no transportation to other sites using links. My blog enables me to keep a 'diary' of my works progress, and helped me to organize my work; it also made it easier to locate changes in my work. I used Quark Xpress to create both my contents page and my double page spread article, it was fairly easy to use with a little practice and helped me keep my work aligned correctly using the guides to create a professional looking media product. I was able to put effects such as drop capital on my article, which is an important convention in the creation of magazine articles. Being able to do this ensured that my magazine looked professional.
Moreover, Quark has an easy to use and clear toolbar, which makes the production process easy and efficient.
Through this process, I have learnt that how easy it is for anyone to make a magazine if they have the correct technology available to them. Moreover I have learnt that the process of making a magazine has become much quicker and therefore nowadays the deadlines for making these products has become shorter. Furthermore I have discovered that, by use of desktop publishing, the process of making magazines and newspapers has become cheaper, as there are less people to employ. This is highlighted by the fact that I took on many roles during the production of my magazine – this proves that many jobs can be done by just one person. In addition, during making this product I have discovered that, with a bit of practice and good knowledge of the publishing programmes and other technology, it is possible to create a professional-like product, meaning that to do it you can be pretty much untrained. This shows a complete change in the production of magazines and newspapers, in the past, these products had to be made using thousands of people In my assumption of these roles, the role I found easiest to do was the role of the photographer. I think I did this job well, with the help of quality technology such as the DSLR camera. I knew what pictures to take to relate to my articles, and what attitude I wanted my magazine to convey, therefore it was easy to direct the models/place the objects in the correct positions and use locations and props which conveyed the correct ‘air’ around my photos. Creating an interesting and effective angle on the picture did however take a bit of practice and experimentation, in order to create the perfect picture. I also found the role of journalist pretty easy, it was interesting to write the article, as I have always liked writing. It was good to make it informal and get the correct attitude across to the audience. Again I knew what I wanted that attitude to be, so I wrote the words in this way.
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