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Vívás 2

No description

Bence Szilassy

on 9 August 2015

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Transcript of Vívás 2

Take care of the members

küzdésre és fairplay-re
Structure of the presentation
Persuasion of the members
Introduction of the sport fencing
Introduction of the club
( Spirit of MindSportz, philosophy)
Membership fee
Persuasion of the members
"A good business can sell itself"

competence of the team
unified teamwork, success oriented
flexibility, preciseness, impulse
high class looking, uniform
pretty girls
respect between the collegues
you sale NO BULLSHIT WITH TRICKS but a good opportunity
These things must be reflected by the employees in the club!!!!!
Introduction of the fencing sport
Why should i choice fencing?
Not casual, everyday sport
around a world , unique sport
a physical and mental challenge

terrific stress reliever

technique and strategy

professional art of sport
Skills improving , fencing can give your child extra advantages in life

The sales team has to know the fencing professionally!!!
Introduction of the club
Philosophy of MindSportz
The sales team
the spirit of the sale
high class looking!
own tablet!
professionally knowledge about fencing!
social, communicative!
Spirit of the MindSportz
2 in 1:
fencing and english learning in the same place
international club:
international coaches from around the world
familiar feeling:
part 1
belonging to a fellowship
Introduction of the club
Philosophy of MindSportz
part 2
Consider the member comes inside...
1. Reception of the member by the sales team
2. Giving information about the club, coaches
3. Showing around the training area
4. Measuring of the skills of the member
( reaction, speed exercises, fencing games)
5. Try fencing
6. During the fencing the other hostess persuades the parents
7. Sale of the membership fee
Membership fee
first of all always offer the 100% original price
Rule Nr. 0. !!! - Just the sales manager is allowed to sale the membership fee only
30 % discount
why fencing is good for the members
say thank you for the attention and give a flyer with badge
Setting of the member
The setting of the member
after the sale ....
1. Giving of the clothes,flyers
2. Select the group or coach
3. Introduction of the coaches
4. Dress code, necessary things,changing shoes, water, fencing pants
5. Introduction of the further rules
part 1
The setting of the member
part 2
Application of the schedule
1. Offer the class day
"The customer always has right"
Always be patient, polite and helpful
2. Give a reminder and other hype object ( a pen, exercise book)

4. Give a personal card, what has to include the own information of the member
Thank you for your attention!
3. Introduction of the further opportunities - private lesson, birthsday party etc.
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