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Happy Birthday Dad

It is something for my dad

Rhianen Callahan

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday Dad!!!
You're turning 50!!!
Why you are special
Dad we are honoring this day because you are an awesome father. You are there for me, you try to help with my education, and you try to make sure I'm at my best. You help me understand things like you would, and that's a lot to teach. I love you daddy and I hope that you will love this prezi!
A Beautiful Wife
When you and mom got married you were tired
after and you were nervous before. When mom
walked down the isle I bet all you saw was your future
and that you were thinking tonight that will be my wife,
my beautiful wife.
It's a Girl!!!
When mom told you she was pregnant I thought that you would be thinking she was joking. But it was true and you were scared, surprised, and excited. The only thing that you had to control was mom, and sometimes it was difficult and sometimes it was easy.

Boston Terriers were your children before you had me. They are special to you and all of us. We have one Boston now, Mr. Rufus
and he is the best. He loves you and you know it.
You have helped me with school so much I don't know what to say. Well.......... you know things and you try to help me know what I'm doing. I wouldn't have been in 7th grade math if it wasn't for you, and I would thank you and mom for helping me through it.
Score!!!!! I made another home run or a basket.
You taught me all of it. You practiced and played with
me, and I would still be the weak link if it hadn't been for
you. I played basketball in P.E. and I shot a 3-Pointer,
Jordon C's mouth nearly touched the ground! I'm even
almost the first one picked every single time. Thank you so much!!!
Star Wars
"Luke I am your Father"
Darth Vader said. You got me
started in these movies, and now
I know more than you do. Sometimes
I even have to teach you. Now I can't
get enough of it.
Fleetwood Mac
Fleetwood Mac is your favorite band,
besides Adele. You know all their songs
and taught me some. You even named me
after "Rhiannon". I love my name and song.
"Don't Stop! doing what your doing."
Cars and Callies
Your grandfather worked on cars
and you got that from him.
You learned how and graduated
the car college. Now you realize
"How am I going to make money?"
Then it came to you, you will work
with your dad. But then you
got married and was going have a girl.
Your wife works with you now, and you are
very tired.
Then you got an idea: Start your own
business. You called it Callies Auto Repair. You named it after your father. Now you and your wife are raising your child and are living happily ever after.
Gas only cost 29 cents a gallon!
Loaf of bread only cost 22 cents!
The first U.S. state lottery was held in New Hampshire.
Average house price was only $3,160!
A new car cost about $3,233!
Alcatraz closes.
Martin Luther King delivers his "I Have a Dream" speech.
Flintstones was a popular cartoon.
The Chicago Bears beat the New York Giants to win the NFL Championship.
Sidney Poitier won Best Actor Academy Award for his role in "Lilies of the Field."
The Beverly Hillbillies was the most popular television show.
Johnny Depp was born on June 9th.
The Lava Lamp became the essential home interior decoration of the year.
Please Please Me topped the UK charts, giving the Beatles their first #1 hit.
The Los Angeles Dodgers won the 1963 World Series.
The first-class postage stamp was only 5 cents.
Thank You!
We all love you so much Dad; I really wanted to tell you that I am proud to be your daughter and I wouldn't want anybody else but YOU. :) :) :) :) :) :D ;)
Happy Birthday Dad!!
Quiz Time!
What was the first diet drink marketed by the Coca-Cola Company in 1963?
Which Johnny Cash song was his biggest hit ever, staying at #1 on the charts for 7 weeks?
Ring of Fire
What is ABC's longest-running daytime soap opera, making its debut in 1963?
General Hospital
What popular yellow symbol was created for an insurance firm in 1963?
The Smiley Face
Which Marvel superhero appeared in his own comic book for the first time?
Who was crowned Miss America in 1963?
Jacquelyn Mayer
Which driver known as "Little Joe"won the NASCAR championship
Joe Weatherly
Which Dallas Cowboy won the Heisman Trophy
Roger Staubach
Which former Chicago Bulls basketball player was born on February 17th?
Michael Jordan
Which "Cleopatra" actress became the first Hollywood star to receive $1 million for her role?
Elizabeth Taylor
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