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Punnett Squares

AP BIO Midterm Project :O

Pamela Liu

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Punnett Squares

Punnett Squares By: Pamela Liu Gregor Mendel What is a Punnett Square? Basic Genetics Monohybrid Crossing Dihybrid Crossing It is a grid system with four equal sections. This is used to predict all possible genotypes of an offspring from two organisms. Dominant trait: capital letter (A)
Recessive trait: lower-case letter (a) A genetic cross between two alleles for a single trait (Aa x Aa) A genetic cross between the first generation of two organisms that contain two different traits. This is basically the same as monohybrid, but twice the amount (AaAa x AaAa) He was known for his cross-breeding experiment with pea plants
He realized that with the principles of probability, he can explain the results of the genetic crosses
His observation results became the foundation for modern genetics and the study of heredity I love peas ! Mendel's Experiments Flower color Peas Reginald Punnet Homozygous is a pure-bred (AA,aa) One single trait is from two identical alleles.
Ex: 2 genes of green for a green pea Heterozygote is a hybrid (Aa) One single trait is from two different alleles.
Ex: 1 gene for green and 1 gene for yellow for a green pea AA= pea Aa= pea Basic Punnett Square The End
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