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Copy of C4E

introduction to the initiative and our direction as a centre for excellence

Jan Green

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Copy of C4E

Centre 4 Excellence Connect Collaborate Create Collegial Support Teachers helping teachers Differentiated Professional Learning part4l.ning.com Cluster Schools Identify unique professional learning needs GATE teaching strategies for
Gifted and Talented students action research projects academic learning partner TELL Teaching English Language Learners focus on CALD student needs and improving access to the curriculum Connected Classrooms Teacher Quality Enriched Practicum Experience Action Research
Stage 6
Reflect on own Learning
Skill 9 Internships with cluster schools Mentoring programs Beyond the Bridge UWS USYD Action Research
Stage 3 & 4
Reading & Inference Skill One Institute presentations for all standards mentor training learning4leaders Excellence in Teaching & Learning Leadership capacity Quality Learning Environment Planning School Volunteer Internships shaping pedagogy authentic tasks ESL pedagogy improving student outcomes most valuable asset
in education our teachers Fast Foward
Student Mentoring Professional Learning at
the uni for teachers collegial support digtal learning community small KLA based groups forum items on pedagogy enrich & contribute The Mac Fields C4E Machine CCC learning through
creating creative thinking action learning MFHS Cog
builds powerful

in learning
for students
for teachers
for schools Practicuum
ning link
Guest lecturing Cluster schools link in
through collegial support
with leadership program
they have identified Links extend beyond
region through
connected classrooms
and video
conferencing CCC learning through
creating Connect Collaborate Create Leumeah High School
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