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12 Different Types Of Poems


Glace TheCat

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of 12 Different Types Of Poems

Some are serious, some are fun, and some are silly, but I hope you enjoy them nonetheless! :) All Different Types Of Poems Ballad Cinquain Quatrain Couplet March Of The Penguins Charming Frightened Mouse Haiku Sorry Limerick Concrete 5 W's God's Finest Creation Acrostic Sensory Ancient Ruins Found Hustling, bustling
People rushing
The clock ticks
Loud voices
Bell rings
I'm late! Free Verse Starting on a long journey
Their hearts full of hope
Pleading eyes for nature to have mercy on them
Who knows how they'll cope

Through the merciless winds
On and on they trudge
Looking over the mountains
But everything is a smudge

After traveling long and hard
They have lost their hope
But look up ahead
And see they do not need to grope

The penguins waddle up
To their dear friends
They all rejoice
For their hope amends Winter Night Trees swish
Leaves crackling
Howling of the swift wind
Nobody dares go outside now
It's cold! Out of the corner of my eye
I see a bird, with beautiful colours so bright
It takes flight, feathers sparkling in the light
Did my eyes lie? I look at the mouse
As it dashes into it's house Beauty The pony covered in lace
Will not win the race I am so sorry
I broke your favourite plate
Can you forgive me? Snowfall In The Forest The snow falls gently
The wind is quiet today
Creatures are at peace Lion Lion
Tall, ferocious
Roaring, sleeping, eating
King of the african planes
Cat Dare I jump without fear
Flying high up in the air
Everything sure is small from up here
This isn't such a bad dare! Baby Birds In bluebird nest's
You'll find little whining pest's Flower There once was a boy named Bill
Who was madly in love with Jill
He bought her a flower
By the end of the hour
With his company she had her fill A sparkling butterfly
Fluttering through the wind like silk
At twilight
In the abandoned ruins of an apocalypse
Because something needs to look beautiful Unloved A teddy bear
Sitting by itself
At night, raining
On the street alone
Abandoned and forgotten Beach balls
Energetic kids
Always busy
Cold water
Hot sand! Super cold
Never stops falling from the sky
lOts of it
Why is it so much fun to play in? Rocks cracked and chipped away from time
Lonely calls of a mocking bird
Emptiness filling up inside me
Sand and grit coating my throat, drying my mouth
Dusty mold abandoned in the corners of the ancient ruins Rainforest Colourful, saturated hues
Rain sprinkles on shiny foliage
Mossy undergrowth brushing up against my legs
Sweet dew off the leaves
Fresh, crisp new air Morning Dash [Some poems and fragments are different colours so they can be seen more clearly] I Can't Think Scribbling letters
Erase, erase
What to write?
My mind's turned off
I frown
Did I really write that down? leaves Falling
All trees bursting with colour
Lacking warmth
beautiful Landscapes Summer The precious purple petals
Tickle my nose
The bluebirds sing melodies
That flow through my ears
The sun glows a fiery red
That illuminates the clouds Winter Shovels scraping on
The snow-covered ground
Birds huddle in silence
Against hostile winds
Everything a dull gray
Depression Ernie [My Pet Lovebird] He sings softly
Puffs up his feathers
Quick, quiet breathing
Closes his eyes
Flutters his wings
And falls asleep (Background music)
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