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No description

Kate Sappenfield

on 21 December 2014

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Transcript of Heredity

Genes have different factors that make some genes more powerful than others
The stronger ones are called dominant genes
The weaker ones are called recessive genes
Dominant genes overtake recessive genes
If both parents have a recessive gene, the offspring will have a chance to have either gene show up.
Offspring will inherit both genes but only one of them will show up.
Heroic Heredity
Inherited traits are traits you inherit from your parents
Example- Eye, hair, and skin color
Acquired traits are traits that have changed your appearance or you have learned
Example -Contact lenses, tall shoes, knowing how to drive, swim, and dance
What is Heredity?
Controls what you look like, and who you got those traits and genes from
Genes are pieces of heredity that generations pass on
Parents give their offspring similar characteristics
Provided by www.acaptiveaudience.com
Provided by www.rondaruge.com
Actions can be acquired traits, as long as you were not born with the ability to do that action
By Kate Sappenfield
Provided by educationportal.com
We can use punnet squares to figure out which offspring will get which genes
1. What are genes?

2. Which genes overpower others?

3. Do you inherit eye color?

4. Is heredity awesome?

Dominant genes
Sections of heredity
Good Job!
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