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Development of the Red River Colony and Northwest Rebellion Timeline

No description

Zhuowei Zhang

on 12 July 2010

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Transcript of Development of the Red River Colony and Northwest Rebellion Timeline

Development of the Red River Colony and Northwest Rebellion Timeline 1860 Arrival of new immigrants to Red River Valley 1885 Louis Riel Convicted and Hanged 1870 Thomas Scott Executed Manitoba enters Confederation 1869 Red River Resistance starts Canada takes over control of Rupert's Land 1884 Riel pleaded to return by Métis delagates 1881 Construction starts on Canadian Pacific Railway Northwest Rebellion Begins Consequences for: Métis Government Government Consequences for: Métis Consequences for: Métis Government Métis Government Consequences for: Métis Consequences for: Government Consequences for: Métis Government Consequences for: Government Métis Government Consequences for: Métis Métis Consequences for: Government Pressure on their traditional control of the Red River settlement and way of life. Increased discrimination Increased control of the West Fear of repression and being evicted from lands (from surveyors) More control over North America; more land for settlers Others able to use incident to make them look like villains High costs made them cut nonessential projects: e.g: Native food rations Lack of rations for themselves and First Nation Groups forced them to think of ways to protest They were able to have a leader to represent them and for rebellion Red River Resistance Northwest Rebellion able to showcase the CPR's ability to get troops quickly to a conflict; gets more support for CPR Losing their leader;
discourged from further revolutions Able to scare potential revolutionaries by showing what would happen to them Lost battle with heavy losses; Riel captured Influenced by people who used this incident to make the Métis look like cruel murders (e.g. Members of the Orange Order) Fearing for civil war Able to push for their rights; gaining some recognition instead of being opressed by the Canadian Party by Zhuowei Zhang Rights if those living in Manitoba protected; gained land: Land spectators (and even the government) forced them to give up their land, forcing many Métis to leave Peaceful solution to stop civil war Gets ready for yet another conflict Also, those who had settled in anticipation for the railway were disappointed when they changed the route
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