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Home Automation

No description


on 5 January 2017

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Transcript of Home Automation

Comfort brought to you by a remote
Pilot your house remotely
One control panel to rule them all
Home that suits your habits
Forget the daily stress and constraints. A single button is enough to dim the lights , start the music , broadcast scented air , light the fireplace
We are transferring our capacities into our computers

Tie diverse electronic devices together
so they can perform as one.

The main benefits of the optimization :

To save money
to reduce energy consumption
More free time

The more open a system is,
the better

It is all about communication

One control panel to loose them all
The fear of being blocked inside or outside the house
Question of decentralized control system
Systems still have mechanical way to work
Your house in the palm of your hand :

The more connected devices,
the bigger is the risk
70% didn't encrypted communication
90% collecting personal information

All devices in the home must be connected to a separate network from the user's computer to prevent intrusions into personal devices.

Fooling Ourselves

what makes us human quietly slips away
More control of your home. At which price ?
Our reflexion track :
How the home automation system can revolutionize our way of life but also become a real nightmare?

How is the market ?
Weighs 6 billion euros in Europe including 18% in France
Expected to grow by 4% by 2015 and 7% by 2017
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