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My Geneology.

My family and ancestors.

Courtney Laubner

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of My Geneology.

This is me. Courtney Leah Laubner. I was born on November 25, 1996, in North Platte, Nebraska, to my parents, Cynthia Kay Laubner and Jerry Lane Laubner. My Ancestry. How I Came To Be. Courtney Laubner My Dad. My Mom. My mom and dad... -Got married on November 15th, 1996. She has five siblings. Cynthia Kay (Russell) Laubner Yvonne. June. Kenneth. Leonard. Lee. Yvonne was born February 3, 1937 in Welfleet, Ne, She married Lavern Snyder August 11, 1957 in Wallace, Ne. They had four children: Brenda (born 1958), David (1960), Jay (1965), and Janis (1965). June was born January 2, 1939 in Welfleet, Ne, She married Al Jackson November 26, 1999. She has four children from her first husband, Robert McVey: Kathy (1959), Clinton (1964), Julie (1965), and Daniel (1970). Kenneth was born May 2, 1941 in North Platte, Ne. He married Patricia Willing April 11, 1964 in Milwaukee, Wis. They have two children: Laurie (1964) and Brian (1969). Leonard was born May 15, 1943 in North Platte, Ne. He married Teresa Kechley December 31, 1967 in Oshkosh, Ne. They have two daughters: Melissa (1970) and Nicole (1973). Lee was born March 8, 1946 in Sutherland, Ne. He was married twice before he married Nancy Schindler. His eight children are: Donald (1965), Todd (1968), Shannon (1969), Derek (1963), Darren (1966), Danine (1970), Damon (1975), and Devin (1976). My mom was born November 19, 1959 in Sutherland, Ne. Her parents: Franklin Russell & Mary (Goodwin) Russell Frank was born January 1, 1913 in Central City Ne. Mary was born November 30, 1916 in White, Ne. They were married September 11, 1935 in North Platte, Ne. My dad was born April 20, 1962 in North Platte, Ne. Mary's parents were McKinley Goodwin and Dena (Rucker) Goodwin. McKinley was born September 2, 1896 in White, Ne. Dena was born July 28, 1898 in Centerville, Iowa.
They were married September 15, 1915 in White, Ne. Frank's parents were Jessie (Clemens) Russell and Elmer Russell. Jessie was born March 2, 1893 in Shelbyville, Michigan.
Elmer was born May 20, 1868 in Illinois.
They got married in 1910 in Keystone, Ne. Jerry Lane Laubner He has three brothers. Dan. Dave. Randy. Dan was born April 26, 1961. He married Dawn Walling August 20, 1983. They have two children, Kyle (1986) and Kayla (1988). Dave was born January 12, 1960. He married Sherri Walz in January 1981. They have two children, Levi (1984) and Lori (1986). Randy was born March 29, 1958. He married Linda Perkins July 3,1991 in North Platte. Their kids are: Motika (1986), Alisha (1977), Joe (1972), Paul (1973). His parents: Robert Laubner & Necille (Wilson) Laubner Robert was born May 9, 1940 in North Platte, Ne. Necille was born March 18, 1942 in North Platte, Ne. They were married in October 26, 1957. Necille's parents were George Wilson and Eloise (Rouche) Wilson. George was born November 13, 1914 in Hershey, Ne. Eloise was born February 5, 1918 in Hershey, Ne. They got married on December 31, 1934 in Ogallala, Ne. Robert's parents were Oscar Laubner and Faye (Linstrom) Laubner Oscar was born February 23, 1899 in Hershey, Ne. Faye was born February 16, 1906 in Hershey, Ne. They got married June 30, 1928 in Julesburg, Co. I'm an only child. My ancestors on my dad's side came from Germany, while on my mom's side, they came from France and England.
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