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The Odyssey

The encounters Odysseus collides on his long journey home.

Kayla Schlumbrecht

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of The Odyssey

The Long Journey
The Odyssey begins with Odysseus being drafted into war

Odysseus pretends to act as though he is insane

Odysseus is proven that he is indeed not insane and then drafted to war
The Draft
Odysseus is known for inventing his famous wooden-horse trick
The Trojans took this horse as a peace offering, but little did they know, the Achaean's, the Greeks, were not finished with them yet
After awhile, the Achaean's had snuck back in after the Trojans had partied, and torched the city, holding women captive, ending the Trojan War
The Trojan war is now over
Odysseus and his men set sail to their home, Ithaca
Little do they all know, only one will survive

the Sweet Nymph
" If we are fortunate, if the gods
and muses are smiling,
about every generation someone comes along to inspire the imagination for the journey each of us take."
Odysseus ends up at Calypso's island, and she keeps him captive
Stays for 7 years
Zeus orders Calypso to let Odysseus go immediately
Calypso lets him build a ship
Lotus Eaters
Poseidon rages and the men crash, leading them to the Lotus Eaters island
Odysseus sent two men and a runner to check out the island
Lotus was offered to the men, it had looked innocent, so they ate
Anyone who ate it, did not want to leave
Odysseus tied down the men, and continued their long journey home
Almost 3,000 years ago, people who lived in Greece began telling stories about a great war
Homer began gathering these stories and was eventually unified
Myths- traditional stories rooted in a particular culture
End of the

Trojan War
Odysseus got curious, and went to a Polyphemus cave
Odysseus angers Polyphemus, and would not let him and his men go
Odysseus got Polyphemus drunk and then three of Odysseus's men and himself, stabbed him in the eye
Polyphemus is a Cyclops, Son of Poseidon
Polyphemus wakens the other Cyclops and angers them
Odysseus tells Polyphemus about himself, then he gets cursed
"In one stride, he clutched at my companions and caught them in his hands, like squirming puppies to be beat their brains out, splattering the floor."
The Enchantress Circe
Enchantress and goddess who turns Odysseus's men into swine
Circe takes 23 of his men
Hermes gives Odysseus garlic to weaken the spell
Circe made him stay for several seasons
Tiresias tells Odysseus he must sacrifice a black lamb to Poseidon, God of Sea
Circe tells him to go to Tiresias
The Land of the Dead
Tiresias is a famous blind prophet
Odysseus meets him at the Land of Dead
He is also to sacrifice a hecatomb- 100 cattle given to a god at a time
Poseidon is angry with Odysseus for blinding his son, if he does not sacrifice, he will have trouble at home
The Sirens

are sea nymphs whose beautiful and mysterious music lures sailors to steer their ship towards the dangerous rocks

is a female monster with six serpents

is a female monster who sucks in water 3 times a day to form a deadly whirlpool
Later On
After 20 years, and Telemachus being gone for one year, they meet
Odysseus disguises himself as a beggar and eventually travels to Ithaca.
The Test of the Great Bow
Death at the Palace
Kayla S.
The Trojan War
Works Cited
Elements of Literature Book
The End




Penelope decides to give her suitors an impossible challenge; she wants them to string Odysseus's bow.
Odysseus follows the men outside and offers them wives and cattle if they help him defeat the other suitors
"Though she is huge and monstrous. God or man, no one could look on her in joy."
Odysseus is still wearing his beggar's clothes when he starts to string the bow. The other men doubt him, but Penelope accepts the beggar as a suitor

At first Penelope does not believe Odysseus when he reveals himself to her.
Odysseus shoots the "leader" of the men, Antinous
Antinous followers thought it was an accident
The men offered him food, gifts, and gold
"There will be killing till the score is paid."
Odysseus begins the blood battle, Telemachus, the cowherd and swineherd join in
The swineherd and cowherd leave after Penelope announces the challenge
Penelope finally realizes that Odysseus really is her husband
Odysseus, out of rage, tells Penelope of how they built their bed
Cattle of the Sun God
Odysseus prays to Zeus for food, he believes Zeus put him to sleep
While Odysseus was sleeping, his men ate the the cattle
Helios asks Zeus to punish the men
They got hit with a thunderbolt
Only Odysseus survived
Only one creature recognized him, his 20 year old hound
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