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Ash Conformity Theory

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taylor clark

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Ash Conformity Theory

The purpose of the theory of Asch conformity was to monitor ones likely hood to conform. The experiments were instructed by Solomon Asch during the 1950s it demonstrated the degree to which an individual's own opinions are influenced by those of a majority group.
Introduction to theory
The Findings
The findings were that 75% of the participants in the Asch conformity experiments went along with the rest of the group at least one time. After combining the trials the results indicated the participated conformed to the incorrect group answer approximately one-third of the time. In order to ensure that participants were able to accurately complete experiment , he made them individually writ down the correct match. The results of the experiment showed that they were very accurate in their lines of judgement . 98% of the answered were correct. These finding tell us that it's human nature to conform when in a large group. That even though when people want to go against a group they refuse because they don't want to seem wrong.
Conformity Test
In the experiment it consisted of eight males students who were arranged around a table.But only one of participants were real. The others were friends of the researches.They were asked a series of questions and they were answered out loud in turns and the friends of the researchers answered all the questions incorrectly.The real participants was placed in his position because it would give him a chance to see what others participants answered.
Psychology in literature
Asch Conformity Theory
Apply to Literature

Apply to the World
Scenario #1
A math teacher presents a basic math problem to the class.The teacher ask what's 8x4 ? She asked the students individually. The first three students answered 27. But now it's my turn to answer and I don't trust myself. I'm not sure if i wanna follow the other students or go with the answer I think it is which is 32.
Scenario #2
Scenario #3
You and your friends got invited to a hottest high school party of all time. You asked your mom if you can go. She says yes but you have to bring your older cousin.Once you get to the party you leave your cousins to hang with your friends. Some hot guys try to hit on you and your friends they offer liquor and drugs and your friends take it. You know its illegal but you wanna seem cool. Your parents don't tolerate those things and they told you stay away Should you take it ?

Me and a group of friends went to a local shopping center to find a dress for a upcoming party. The two of my friends decide to steal a pair of shoes and a dress. I have enough money to buy two dresses and a pair of shoes. I know its best to buy the dress but do I follow my friends and steal ?
The works of literature that relate to the Asch Conformity experiment would be the play write Fences and the novel The Crucible by Arthur Miller . These two books show strong examples of conformity and non-conformity.
Connection to Literature
The novel the Crucible relays the message of conformity very strongly. Author Miller coveys this message through many of the characters in the book. Especially the teenage girls. He also shows how adults that have strong authority in a group sometimes conform or start to believe ,those who hold less power. This allow them to search for ideas that gives them a reason to conform.
Textual Evidence Crucible
This quote shows that the teenage character Mary Warren
followed her friends, She created this hysteria that effected the world. She didn't realize the impact of her actions until the end.By this time it was too late. In the beginning her and the girls decided to carry on with the lie and accuse innocent people of witchcraft.Then she realized that her actions were no longer a game and that the town was changing due to them being under strict ruling of religion . They wanted to do something more exciting in their teenage years. It even trickled down to the younger kids. This shows a huge sign of conformity because many of the teenage girls families were involved, so this made many family secrets that they solemnly swear to never tell be brought in the court and many families to break apart.
"I-I cannot tell how, but I did. I-I heard the other girls screaming, and you, Your Honor, you seemed to believe them, and I-It were only sports in the beginning, sir but then the whole world cried spirits,spirits and I-I promise you Mr. Danforth, I only thought I saw them but i did not."pg107
"No, I love god: I go your way no more. I love god. I bless god. sobbing, she rushes to Abigail.
Abby. Abby. I'll never hurt you no more!
They all watch as Abigail, out of her infinite charity, reaches out and draws the sobbing Mary to her, and looks up to Danforth"-
This quote is showing how after she realized that when she went against the group of girls that things turned out to be bad for her. She started off as a conformist , she wanted to do the right thing. But she realized that doing the right thing after this already was said and done can leave by yourself, as if the world has turn against you.Her actions showed that she was a good person but she realized that being good in a world full of people who live off lies , can sooner or later destroy many other innocent people lives. That trying to fix the big mess she made was impossible so it was best she conform.
The main character Troy is a very strong minded person , he does not take no for an answer. He will speak him mind and whoever does not like it , then oh well . In this scene Troy is expressing how he feels about going down to Mr. Rand office to tell him he wants the same privileges as the other men. He is a prefect example of a person who doesn't conform. He sticks to what he believes in and what he knows. When his right hand man Bono refuses to go to the Union with him because Bono feels things wont change.The book fences to me shows how one can be surrounded by many people who might view something different from them ,but it takes a strong person to not conform to a group.
Textual Evidence Fences
" I ain't worried about firing me. They gonna fire me cause I asked a question? That's all I did. I went to Mr.Rand and asked him, "Why"Why you got the white mens driving and the colored lifting ?"Told him "what"s the matter, I don't I count?" pg2
Textual Evidence Crucible
Final Thoughts
The Asch conformity experiment shows alot about the changes in people and the changes in the environment. Conformity is apart of our everyday life whether we want to believe it or not. From friends , to parents to even teachers. Only the strongest survive, only ones who aren't afraid to make mistakes and later learn from them are able to gain more knowledge in the end. There is no punishment for those who conform nor is there a award for those who don't because sometimes it human nature to conform in a group. Lastly the two evidence of literature show the two types of conformity.
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