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Africa Library Summit 2011 (RSA)

Focus on Academic and Public Libraries

Jacques du Plessis

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of Africa Library Summit 2011 (RSA)

African Library Summit 2011 Jacques du Plessis
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
jacques@uwm.edu Wandile and his local
community library Wandile Nhlapo 25
Cell Phone, uses taxi
Esikhawini, KZN Wandile and UNISA 2011 receive materials by post
purchase books
studies (library)
2 lectures per year (Dbn)
watches the lecture on TV Wandile and UNISA 2016 A connectivity student profile
... (service delivery)

Open Courseware, Open Access

Enhance Cognitive Engagement

Number of lectures per module is increased
... (no more a correspondence model)

All lectures are captured:
(a) audio streams are delivered with RSS (podcasts);
(b) screen captures are done for visually supported materials
(e.g. math, chemistry, geography, history, etc)

Email to Texting services:
(a) push technology - cronjob msgs to students;
(b) invite Q&A exchanges

Govt funding for an Academic-Public Library Partnership (APLP):
(a) Support for University - Public Library Media Delivery
(b) eGranary-University Partnerships
(c) eGranary deployed in Community Libraries
(d) Support and Incentivise Open CourseWare ... (Reasons) Conclusion:
Libraries know Media Delivery
The students are in the Libs
Let's get them the media. NOTE: A link will be placed here soon with a voice-ever presentation of this PREZI. Know about student's access to a computer, peripherals,
smart phone, cell phone, internet access OPEN COURSEWARE allows (i) access before the academic commitment, and (ii) the option of membership in a learning community after the course. (iii) It removes misconceptions about course content. (iv) It keeps teachers on their toes to stay current with content and deliver good content.
Open Standards and Software provides access to all. Open software, Open Standards ACTIVE LEARNING goed beyond the old model of a correspondance university's 'book-learning' model. It transcends to realm of abstract knowledge CAPTURED LECTURES (audio only, or screencapture): If this is done per unit, and not per module, the students would benefit immensely. Such lectures can be available at every community library in the country. An eGranary (in partnership with UNISA) could deliver all the content on a local network, rather than the Internet. eGranary already has over 24million items in their collection, including the whole Wikipedia. Focus on opportunities
to facilitate teacher-student,
and student-student connectivity.
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